A kaleidoscope of hyperactivity-inducing sugar and colours…

So… its been a big week – my baby girl is now a whole 3 years old – I can barely believe it! Ultra-lucky girl that she is had 4 whole days of celebration – her birthday on Thursday (presents, pancake breakfast and lunch with Daddy in his lunchbreak); on Friday our Mother’s Group celebration at a local playcentre; her birthday party on Saturday; and a mini party with Nanna and my cousin on Sunday as they couldn’t make the birthday party. Only a three year old could get away with that!

In other news, we have a handover date for our house – 9th of December – we WILL be in by Christmas – woohoo!!!

In other, other news, I’ve been trying to find a job that is similar hours to the one I currently have as we keep getting shifts cut back and it was looking like they wouldn’t extend up past our current contract. I really didn’t want to go back to day work any time soon, but it was looking to be my only option. Then I ended up hearing about a job through some workmates, so did a rushed application on Thursday and sent it through… Friday morning on the way to Mother’s group I had a call. Could I start training on Sunday?? Um ok, sure, why not? I figured I’d stick with the three shifts a week at my original job as the pay was slightly better and then supplement it with the new job. Well that all changed within the hour. I had a call from my original job that all shifts were being ceased as of the end of the month. Gained a job and lost one within an hour? Call it God, serendipity, but someone or something is looking down on me – unlike others, I still had a job!

Training went well, and I start tonight doing phone polling. A long shift tonight 4:30-10pm, but normally it will be 4:30-8:30 or 1-5pm on weekends. So still no childcare and the kids will have the days with at least one of us…

So anyway, the birthday party. Well it went from a nursery thyme theme, to Miss E’s favourite things, but by default it pretty much ended up as a rainbow party.

We did have twinkle star cupcakes made by the wonderful Miss Rika and her thermie from Mixotrophy  and star water poptops – I pulled the label off – popped paper onto the sticky residue and put a star sticker on top…

Star Poptops

But pretty much everything else was rainbow, from the colour theme, to the fruit platter…

Rainbow fruitAnd to the cake. Glorious cake that took a week of baking – I made the layers and froze them when I had the time to do them…and then was up until 3:20am on party day, icing it with lots of bright, white buttercream…

Rainbow cake

I was literally holding my breath when DH cut a slice, hoping it would look ok on the inside…

The reveal

And it was good! I thought the buttercream would be a bit much, but no, it tasted good too! Looked great and tasted good, what more could I ask for? Oh I know, for my little princess when we got home to tell Mummy how much she loved her cake and that now she had rainbows in her tummy – awww!

Rainbow cake sectionI’ll be posting the white buttercream recipe and some tips and tricks tomorrow – its been a busy week and this post has gotten long!

Oh and don’t forget our Weanmeister giveaway – check it out here now!

Also, I can’t believe I forgot to take a photo of the goodie bags – the girls had a bubble stick (in the photo below, these are only $1 from Kmart/Big W and are always a hit!); stickers, mini hair clips; a balloon; party blower and a freddo. Boys: a notepad, bundle of crayons tied with an animal shape rubber band; bubble stick; stickers; blower; balloon and freddo. Babies got a bath squirter and a little board book.

One last picture. Birthday girl aka Tinkerbell and her bestie, playing traindrivers in the playground after eating yummy cake!

Train fun

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  1. Fab Mel..well done..Miss E is such a lucky princess to have such a talented Mum!

    • Thanks so much Helena 🙂 no talent involved though! It was just time consuming, but aside from that after doing it once, I would attempt it again! I really want to do a Neapolitan version, with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry layers – yum!

  2. You already know I think your cake is wonderful but I’ll say it again!

    Great news on the house and job front too. You should just call me every shift, I LOVE doing phone polls.

    • Thanks Lisa!

      Oh wow! I so wish I’d get more people like you – though I’d have to pass you onto someone else as we aren’t allowed to speak with people we know as it can skew results… but everyone else would love to talk to you!

  3. that is awesome

    • Thanks Danielle – my little Miss loved it to bits (in fact she tried to hug it), so I am stoked!
      FYI I love your Hot Park Mum’s fashion challenge – I especially love op-shopping… I am so going to have to link up one week!

  4. Love that cake! 🙂

    • Thanks Erin… Are you going to try it?? It’s totally worth it for the reaction when it is cut open!

      • I don’t think my almost 4-year-old boy would be that into it 😉 He has requested a plain chocolate cake with white icing, no pictures. I’m hoping I can convince him to have something slightly more interesting.

        • Erin, you could always do layers of chocolate cake, with the white icing and just have it taller than a usual cake?

          Or dark, light and white choc? It’s still chocolate!
          Although, to be honest you might be worth taking the plain option while he wants it, might be your only chance… Next year he might want a space station or something out there!

  5. Fabulous! Found you @ Undeserved Blessings. WOW! What a gorgeous cake! I also love how tall the cake is.

  6. WOW!! I love that cake – it is the 2nd rainbow cake I have ever seen & I am already planning to replicate it for the Worms first birthday party (and remember Worm is only 17weeks old!)
    Your party sounds like lots of fun

    • Haha Sara, I totally get it, Boofa Boy O is only 8 months and I already have plans under way for his second birthday party!!

      Hmmm… Worm you say… Want to make some jelly worms for his party? Have you seen our jelly worm post?

  7. Wow! What an awesome cake, I wanted to like the screen:) It looked like all were happy at the party:) I’m visiting via FYBF.

  8. Oh yours is awesome! So more neat then mine! I adore the smarties on top!!

  9. Looks gorgeous! I might just have to bank that one in my very cloudy memory for when my little girl gets old enough to start knowing what birthdays are. Well done!

    P.S. I totally know what you mean about staying up until 3.20am the night before the party. I was literally in the kitchen for the entire day before my son’s 1st birthday party making him a huge Lego cake made of really giant Lego bricks of different colours. Maybe I’ll put a pic up on my blog under a ‘Kids’ birthday cakes – successes and failures’ post!

    • Yes the late night last minute decorating, I end up doing it every year for each cake. I’m tempted to get A1 to make Master O’s birthday cake next month!

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