E’s favourite things party

My baby turns three on Thursday.
I still can’t quite believe it.
I still remember the feel of her in my belly.

Now my baby girl is a beautiful, cute, quirky, loving, strong minded, creative and clever young girl. A girl, not a baby, or even a toddler. She starts pre-kinder next year!

So enough of my freaking out, this week, its all about the birthday. Specifically, the birthday party. A while back we blogged about a nursery rhyme party. It’s amazing how much a child changes in just a few months, but I think that the nursery rhyme party is a little young for her now… So I’ve booked the BBQ shelter in her favourite playground and decided it should just be about her favourite things. Rainbows, stars, fairies, fruit, cake, cake and more cake!!

Her sudden obsession with cake is mostly due to the number of parties we’ve been to of late. I’ve been sitting her down with cake books to choose a cake, but she wants them all, so that doesn’t work. So after drooling over these amazing looking rainbow cakes that have been turning up all over Pinterest, I figured I needed to bite the cake bullet and just go and make one.
Please keep in mind, as always, Danni is the baker. Cakes and I don’t tend to gel. Anyone who who saw my Hoot cake wreck last year would have to agree. But this year I am armed with proper food colouring gels and I am determined to try!


I also plan to have fairy bread cut into stars (I plan to cut out the bread into shape earlier in the week, freeze then fairy them up on the day); popcorn (another favourite); fairy sticks; hundreds & thousands bikkies; some corn and veggie chips; a rainbow fruit & veg platter; and the BBQ with mini sausages for the kids.

So forgive me if I am a bit distracted, I’m somewhere over the rainbow…



  1. Sad to be missing my favourite girls special day but I know her mumma will do a fantastic job.

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