Product Review – WeanMeister Baby Food Pods

Everyone knows both Mel and I are big lovers of cooking and having fresh, homemade and healthy food available for our little ones.   Take note people!!!  Have I got a product for you!!

As I mentioned some time ago, I’m currently undertaking a business course run by a fantastic group of women and backed up by many great people and companies, most noteably The Body Shop Australia.  The course is called Bizness Babes and is run by women to help mums with great business ideas break into the market.  “Mumpreneures” if you like!!

In our first lot of sessions last week we met a lovely lady called Sarah.  An English ex-pat now calling Australia home she is also a former Bizness Babe.    She is definitely teaching us Aussie mums a thing or two!  Solving a simple problem she has now built herself a great little business called Wean Meister.  Wean Meister is a tray of BPA free silicone pods designed to hold baby food and/or breast milk.  Sarah is well ahead of you all thinking about reuse, recycle and rehome as her packaging has a lovely list of ways in which you can reuse her product after the need for frozen purees has gone.  The best thing (I think) about this product is not only is it BPA free, but it has a lid.  Yay!!!  Do you know how long I looked for something like this when Miss N was little??  Everywhere!!!  You can also write on said lid with ball-point pen or permanent marker and it washes off!  FAB!!   After Sarah had finished her talk, I promptly handed over my $19.95 and took home one of her “show and tell” weanmeister’s all of my very own:)

So, in the interest of all you lovely parents out there I have decided on a little product review to put Wean Meister through its paces.  Keep in mind of course, that Miss Z won’t be starting solids for at least 6 weeks or so.  However, me being me has decided to instead show you all some alternate ways I’ve used this product….Here Goes!!!

Firstly, I used some leftover cake mix from the Gluten Free Jaffa Cake  I made and made some mini cakes.  Great to freeze and have on hand when Nan comes over!

Then I used it as a fabulous Jelly mould when Miss N and I made some Create Your Own Jelly (which didn’t go exactly to plan) Mel tells me it was due to the acid in the fruit juice we added…

Then, I was making chicken stock and figured it would be the perfect size for that too!

The mini frittatas worked out perfectly.  Great lunchbox size!  They puffed up like little souffles!!

Then I had some leftover white choc from making Halooween Ghost cake pops so I added a few fresh rasperries and whipped up a few chocolate treats..

All in all, I really like this product.  It’s useful, it works, you can get the items out of the mould easily and it has the lid, which personally I feel is the best part about it.  No more messy drips and freezer burn!!

So, moral of this post is:  Go and buy yourself a Wean Meister tray HERE.  They are tops!!



  1. Wow that sounds like a great product! I just checked out their page and I might have to get a few if those. Thanks for the review!

  2. these are absolutely brilliant. We bought some a few weeks back and they are a great time saver for feeding time. We got the discount 3 pack and now we just blend the leftovers from our dinner and fill up of the pods and it takes care of lunches or dinners for a week. Love it!

  3. Ooh my partnet just showed me this! Thanks so much for writing about the Freezer Pods. I’m so glad that you’ve had so much use out of them already! I loved coming back to Bizness Babes the other week. I’m sure you will get just as much out of the course as I did.
    Wishing you all the best, and thanks once again,
    Sarah – Wean Meister

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