Countdown to School!!

We have been to Miss N’s “big school” orientation these last weeks.  HURRAH!!! I think I was more excited than she was!

I have spent the last little while in a flurry of excited list-writing and research into what will be needed for my big grown up school ready girl!!….

  • Summer uniform x2.  Size 4 is the smallest they have and its going to be HUGE on my very little girl!!  I may have to resort to drastic “trying-to-shrink-it-in-the-dryer” action.
  • Sports Uniform x1 (pants/top/tracksuit).  Same goes for sizing as above….oh dear Lord!
  • Jumper x 1. Ditto.
  • School Hat.
  • School Shoes.  Her feet are so tiny I’m hoping Clarks have shoes that fit her!!
  • Library Bag – Check! She got this for her birthday.
  • Lunch Box and drink bottle – Check! She uses this for Kindy already.  I just need to lay my hands on some tupperware single size lunchboxes…
  • School Bag.
  • Suncream on a keychain for her bag.  Check! She has this for Kindy already.  My little China Doll needs to be plastered in the stuff everyday.
  • Iron on and sticky name labels.  I fear my daughter takes after me (in Yr 7 I won the “most lost property” award…LOL).
So, we sat in the hall with other children and parents and listened to the teachers spurt on about how fabulous school will be and how our children were “just like flowers – waiting to bloom” Ugh.  Barf!!  Enough of that already!!! Take them away!! LOL.
We had a little campus tour and then the children went and did craft with the present Kindy class for an hour whilst the parents listened to the teachers explain all the do’s and don’ts and what will happen on the first day etc.
A few things I thought were stupid/strange/funny…..
  1. The uniform shop can make extra large sized uniforms (“Please note these WILL cost extra” the sign says….) for all the extra tall or extra fat kids (don’t even think about writing in, I’m being honest here –  its only going to be one or the other!) however they WONT make an extra small size for a tiny little child like mine!  Is this cause they may have to (shock horror!!) charge LESS? .  Just proves how much of an issue weight is amongst our children.  VERY Sad;
  2. “We as teachers, cannot go into the bathrooms”.  Great.  I’m happy you can’t peer over the doors and get your kicks from looking at the kids but what about summer days when the kids have water fights inside (don’t scoff – we all did it!!)  or if a little kindy kid has a bathroom accident? If someone is getting bullied in there?  If someone falls over on a slippery floor and cracks their head open??  Are you allowed to go in then?  PC Gone Mad!!;
  3. “The children must have a hanky with them at all times”.  In a world that is SO obsessed with cleanliness and in which every classroom I saw having extra large bottles of instant hand sanitiser on every teachers’ desk its amazing to hear this!;
  4. “Name Tags must be worn every day for Terms 1 and 2.  Seriously?!!  “Replacements can be ordered from the office for $1”.  I’m sure they can.  Have a feeling I’ll need several.  Why don’t I just write her name with a Sharpie on her forehead to make it easier for you??
  5. “No nuts or nut products to be allowed in at school”.  OK.  Now.  IF there is an anaphalatic child at your school – fair enough.  HOWEVER.  If there is not, and you are only trying to cover your ass, then how about – Bugger Off???  Isn’t that discriminating against all those kids who love peanut butter sandwiches or muesli bars???  I feel it is (especially considering you need to present your medicals when you apply to school so they will definitely know if they have an at-risk child or not).  Call me stupid, silly or just a pain in the ass but I don’t care.  I hate this stupid rule.  As far as I know (and I’m happy for someone to prove it to me otherwise) nut allergies are normally generic and identified from early life (AKA 1 year old or so).
So we are all ready to go or thereabouts.  I found it highly amusing to hear there will be “tea and tissues” on the first day for all the parents.  Tissues!?!!  I won’t need those!  Champagne breakfast for me!!

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