Reading time…

I just had a mammoth reading session with Miss E. She kept bringing books to me and I kept reading. As I’ve said before, we love books in this house. We’ll read at least 2-3 books a day minimum and she is recognising a lot of letters now which is great. It’s the one thing I really feel I can’t turn her down on because it fosters so many thins, language, literacy, creativity, imagination….
Obviously at bed time there is a limit to how many books we’ll read. Up to three depending on how late it is and how tired she is. I’ve been known to do up to 4 or 5 shorter ones, but I admit that tends to be when I’m quite comfy snuggled up with her.
I don’t read to Master O as much though and I know I should. It’s something that I will make time to do from now on…
How often do you read to your kids? Is it only at bedtime or some other time? Did your second child get read to less than your first?



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