A right Royal time…

Southern Tasmania had a public holiday last Thursday for Show Day, so we were good little locals and took the kids along to the show. It was O’s first show, but he’s really a bit young to take it all in, so it was all about Miss E (as it so often is!)

Every year we walk out of the show and say to each other “well that was crap, we wont do that again…” and by the time it rolls around again, its kind of all forgotten – we look at each other and say “well Miss E will enjoy it” and off we go! And oh yes, she does enjoy it, and there are so many thgings to learn about…

We went to the animal nursery, she got to see the cutest baby animals close-up…

What’s in here?

It’s two Jersey Calves (Mummy’s favourite – so sweet, those eyes just make me melt)…

Jersey Calves

We saw the cutest silky chickens. We walked through the poultry sheds looking for potential breeds that we liked the idea of for our future brood. We both like big chickens – some of the Rhode Island Red’s were simply beautiful. I love the idea of Barnevelders, but they are hard to get hold of, didn’t see any there. I also love silkies, but DH is yet to be convinced.

Silky Hen

She had a boat ride (and kept alternating between trying to stand up and trying to get in the water – nearly gave me a heart attack). Was about 3 minutes of elevated heart rate for me. A lesson in letting go for me, the Number One Control Freak!

Speed Bopat princess

Fed the clowns – because you have to have a go of the clowns at the show!

Hungry clowns

And… had her first ever pony ride! This is probably a bigger deal for me than her (made obvious by the fact that she kept pointing to the Zipper and wanting to go on that while we were queing up for the pony rides. I told her to wait until she was 15 and going there with her friends and Mummy wouldn’t have to feel sick watching it). I was am your typical horsey-girl. I rode all through my child/teen years. My first job was a stable-hand at the local riding school, most definitely for the love, not the money. I had a ratbag pony who landed me on the floor more times than I can count, but taught me so much about independence, responsibility, unconditional love and to get back on the horse again when you fall, which I think are all awesome life lessons. So seeing her absolutely beam whilst riding around was an utter joy.

First Pony Ride

Ride-em Cowgirl!

The show society held a school garden competition. Some of the categories were Edible Garden and Rainbow Garden. The entries were just adorable and I’m inspired to do a similar project with Miss E. My favourite is the one with the paddlepop stick fence. I’ll do a Kids in the Garden post soon…

Mini Gardens

Edible Garden

Clay sculpture mini garden

My favourite mini garden



  1. You have to love a good country show! We head to our local one every year and its good fun for the little kids (OK, and the bigger ones!) to be involved also. Miss N and I enter the competitions for baking, she always does an under 6’s drawing and lots of other things. Its a good activity to plan as we spend a lot of time thinking about “what are we going to do for next year” and its a good lesson about participating for the fun of it even if you don’t win.

    • I might have to think about the competitions for next year. The art just seemed to be from school age kids, but will look into it further… I think it would be exciting for her just to see her entry there amongst the others…

  2. Wonderful shots, it seems that the little princess had a great time, this is a very good idea to spend time together and have a lot of fun!

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