Recipe – Gluten Free Jaffa Cake

Last month Himself and I were lucky enough to be Godparents for our Nephew.  My SIL had this fabulous orange cake on the dessert table as an option for my MIL who is a Coeliac.  It was such a taste sensation I hassled her until she passed on the recipe.  She served it plain and un-iced however I reckon with the addition of some chocolate icing it would just make it SO much better….like Jaffas?  You will LOVE this cake!!!

Its also one of the easiest recipies out!   I have decided to take it and change it about a bit (I just can’t help myself…Himself’s eyes will roll to heaven!) and make it into a Chocoholics Delight Jaffa Cake!!!!


3 large oranges

500g white sugar

6 large eggs

500g almond meal

Bring a pot of water to the boil, add the oranges, cover and simmer for one hour;

Strain off the water and cool the oranges. While they are cooling, food process the sugar with the eggs until the sugar is dissolved and pour into a bowl;

Cut the oranges in half and de-seed them and put the oranges (with peel and pith) into a food processor and pulp until reasonably smooth;

Pour the pulp into the sugar/egg mix and add the almond meal. Gently mix together;

Pour mix into baking paper lined 24-26 cm tin and bake for approx 50-60 mins at 185°C.

Once cooled, carefully split cake horizontally so you have two layers;

Spread some chocolate ganache on bottom layer and replace top layer (carefully, you don’t want it to break – this cake is beautifully moist!!);

Cover cake with more choc ganache (TOP TIP!) Stick your cake in the freezer for a half hour or so to firm it up a bit if you find the cake is crumbling when you try & ice it);

Decorate with something like choc shavings, candied orange peel or some lovely blooms and Enjoy!

We’re linking up with Kate Says Stuff for Menu Monday. Pop on over to check out some other yummy recipes to cook up this week…



  1. Oh my. This looks sooooo good! Will definitely have to give it a go in the Thermomix.

  2. Such a taste delight. We tried the recipe last night and everyone loved it!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! I will book mark this. I am coeliac too and this cake is very much my cup of tea!

    • Lee, good to know! I personally think everything is made better by the addition of chocolate..!
      Just a hint though – make a big one. This goes REALLY quickly when there are guests around!

  4. Oh my gosh this looks sooooo good! Will definitely be giving it a go, thanks for linking up!!

  5. Hi, Could you tell me how to make chic ganache with amount I need to have for the cake in this size? Thanks.

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