“It’s a Knockout”!!! That’s the name of the game!!!!

Ok!!!!!   Sorry for the intrusion people but i just HAD to share.

“It’s a Knockout” was probably my most favourite TV show when I was a kid.  (OK well, maybe after MacGyver).  It was TOPS!!  A whole bunch of silly people signing up to get dressed in stupid costumes and do stupid things for fun.  How could you NOT like that?!!  (Don’t tell me you all don’t remember the big ship….the walk the plank, the rolling logs, the custard pies, the SUMO SUITS??!!) C’MON!!!!!!  Not to mention the host who always reminded me of Ricky May. (May be it was Ricky May??)  No idea… I was only very young at that time!!.

Anyways, I just found out from one of my fabulous contacts that “It’s a Knockout” is returning to TV!!    Albeit for summer “its-not-the-ratings-period-so-we-can-do-what-we-want type time, but hey – who cares????

I trust you will all check it out and remember the good ol’ days!!!




  1. Oh I LOVED It’s a Knockout!!! And MacGuyver. Used to watch Knockout as a teen when it was on at 6am cause I always used to wake up early on Saturday mornings. I’ve tried ‘Wipeout’ but it’s just not the same.

    • I watch wipeout for the bouncy balls – they crack me up, but the rest – meh…
      Lisa, you must be the only teenager I know of who would voluntarily get out of bed at 6am! I watched a lot of MacGuyver repeats recently when O was newborn and I was doing the multiple middle of the night/early morning feeds. Its classic!

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