House interior – kitchen

Last week was a momentus week in our home-building journey – the kitchen cupboards went in (add yays here)!

That was last Monday, and after receiving photos from DH I was excited to say the least. I drove to the block every day last week to check progress, hoping to see the benchtops up as well. Sadly progress wound to a halt after the cupboards and nothing more has been done. I have a feeling that the joiners are waiting on the painter – who is possibly waiting on the plasterer who is waiting on the electrician. Long story, but basically we requested to have extra powerpoints added, but the electrician finished off all the other work and is yet to add them. Now life is going to be that much more difficult for him as the gyprocking, plastering and first coat of paint has been done. Suffice to say if it doesn’t look 100% we will be jumping up and down.

After numerous a few changes, we decided on the ‘final’ colour choices for the kitchen.

We have a glass splashback wrapping around the whole kitchen in Dulux Red Box.

The Walls above will be Dulux Whisper White (a creamy, warm white). The ceiling (if anyone cares) is Dulux White on White.

Much as we would love a stone or composite benchtop it’s just not in the budget for now. So we are sticking with laminate and eventually we will upgrade the benchtops.

Cupboards are Zircon Shimmer which is white and as the name suggests has a bit of a shimmer to it and the benchtops – Astral Dovetail, a warm stone colour.

The house is at lock-up stage now so we can’t get in to take photos. This was taken through the kitchen window at an odd angle with not the best light! Doesn’t give you the best view, but you can probably get the idea.

Kitchen Breakfast bar

Kitchen Oven area

Pretty basic colour scheme, but the splashback will be the focal point. and since we don’t have overhead cupboards, it will be light and bright and feel a bigger space than it really is.

The floor will be tiled, but it’s not included in our package so DH will be tiling eventually one day when we can afford it. We are still trying to decide on the colour for the floor. We love the idea of a charcoal colour to pull the sun in and act as a bit of a heat sink, but then we are concerned that the rooms aren’t huge so the dark colour might close in the room too much. Thankfully, we can take our time with that decision and can look at the whole area once everything else is done.

I’m most in love with our pantry room though (you can just see the entrance at the very left of the first photo). We amended the original floor plan of the house by extending the kitchen outside and we made the tardis of a linen cupboard smaller to make way for an actual room off the kitchen for our pantry. It was non-negotiable for me, I’ve always loved the idea of a butlers pantry. Although it’s not that extravagant, it does mean we will have plenty of room for all our foodstuffs and appliances, and will also have a chest freezer at one end.

I think I might have to have a Tupperware party once we are in the house so I can have a seamless storage system though!

Initially the room will be just have plain shelves – and I’ll start to work out the exact layout that we want closer to finalisation. I want to be able to physically see and feel the space before I start designing. Dad is a carpenter/joiner so we can always get his help to update where necessary. I’ve been stalking Pinterest and Houzz looking for inspirations and this pantry is both mine and DH’s favourite:

Custom pantry traditional kitchen
Custom pantry traditional kitchen

We would have the bench go right along the wall (for things such as the toaster and other small appliances) and all the shelves would sit flush with each other (rather than have the middle section sticking out) and probably shallower as the pantry will pretty much be just for food. We’d probably also get rid of the enclosed drawers and just have larger baskets which we’d use for fruit and veg – more like this:

Marielle  kitchen

How do you organise your pantry? Please share, I’d really appreciate some real-life workable options!



  1. Oh Dear. Pintrest!!! I’ve held out for so long and now I’m damn near addicted. Why do I do this to myself!!!

    I am loving your pantry ideas. VERY jealous!!! When I finally get a place of my own i’ll be having one of those too. Not a big fan on the wire racks though….We have those in our unit and although they are OK lots of stuff that’s small falls through the holes and I found that a big pain. Although I guess if you keep the same “big” things in them all the time they might be OK for you.

    • We like the idea of the baskets, but we are thinking more of a natural fibre… have seen some still on tracks. Will see if I can find a picture of some and add them in – probably not today though as I have groceries to do, house to clean, dinner to cook and child to pick up from care before i start work at 5… Mondays used to be such a calm day…

  2. Oh Mel, it all sounds so fabulous! I can’t wait to come and hang out at the new place. I completely love our walk in pantry; no doubt you will too. So easy to find stuff. I agree about the wire baskets though, we had those in our Sydney house. They look a bit messy after a while with onion skins etc. falling through the gaps 😉

    • Your pantry rocks! Actually I’ll have to come have a look at it and take photos for some ideas – especially check out the depth of your shelves.
      Hmm… I must say, we did have baskets in our dodgy mouse-infested lovely student digs at Macquarie Street remember? We had wire basket drawers with a board over the top to create extra dirty dishes holding area benchspace. And it did create a bit if a mess from said onion and garlic papers. Lined perhaps. But will have to find photos of the baskets I’m thinking of using as they aren’t wire, and have much smaller gaps.
      And just wait til our wood-fired pizza oven is built, our home-made pizza and tv series of the moment nights-in will never be the same again!

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