Things people do for money…

I’m on a course in the city this week.

The easiest form of transport there and back is the Parramatta Rivercat which means I have to hike it all the way from Circular Quay up George Street to Liverpool Street (20 mins at a good pace).  I mean honestly, I could get the train or a bus but personally, that’s just a waste of money and I probably DO need the exercise!.   In doing so I swear to God this morning I passed about 7 different people handing out flyers and trying their level best to stop you and sell you their wares.  I even had one guy walk with me about 100mtrs while saying “I’ll only be a minute darling”.  Darling????  you have GOT to be kidding me!!!

Now I’m pretty good when it comes to spruikers and the like.  I can yell words to the effect of “bugger off” and make up excuses with the best of them, but seriously, 7 people in 20 minutes?????  How do they do it??  Even if I seriously needed the money I honestly really doubt I could spend my day trying to talk to people who really have absolutely no intention of stopping to talk to  you. I could never be in sales.

Himself used to work at McDonalds.  Case in Point.  I could never never EVER work at McDonalds.  I don’t care how much of a fabulous work ethic they instill in you.  NO WAY. Nadda, Nope, NEVER!!!!!!! Talk about getting treated like crap!!!.

I spent the rest of the day wondering how the hell someone would seriously sign up for something like that??? It can’t be seriously just for the money, there are plenty of other jobs that probably pay better and are much more enjoyable.   Are there people out there who actually LIKE annoying the everday person and trying to get them to do something they really don’t want to do??? Obviously there is.  I met 5 of them this morning!!!!!!!  They all have different tactics, different ways of trying to trap you into pausing so they can pounce on you like a Lion does on a little lost lamb.  My favourite tactic is the guilt factor.


Before anyone jumps down my throat you can just bugger off and get lost!  I am a lovely person who does my bit for society and all that. HOWEVER.  I seriously think it is WRONG for some 17yr old spotty youth, when i say “sorry, I have an appointment to get too” answers back with “well don’t you care about the Disabled Children???”.  OK Buddy.  TOTALLY and honestly not fair.  What I know about “disabled” people would wipe that freaking smile off your face.  I’m ready to bet you don’t even know one.  My Godfather is classified (as our government loves to do) as “Disabled”.  So is Himself’s best friend.  Both were victims of vehicle accidents which were not their fault and now they have a lifetime of living with that knowledge (and that label).  I’m sure they would both have a delightful conversation with you if you tried that shyte on them.  Oh how I wish they were with me!!!!!.  IF i had the time to stop and converse, maybe I would make you understand, maybe I would realise you have no idea what your doing (yes!) maybe I’m just being a horrible beeartch? (I seriously doubt it).  I just honestly think that those who spout off about this sort of unrealistic crap most obviously have NO IDEA what they are doing.  Those “Disabled” people you speak of are more able than you realise and most probably have more of a life than you.

End of rant!!!!



  1. Ranty, ranty Miss D!!!
    Well I didn’t work at McDonalds, but I worked at Coles for quite a few years (as well as in a bar, cleaning houses, and Army Reserves all while I was at uni), and I really did find it valuable. Yep, I was treated like crap by some customers, but I just made it a game for myself. If they were rude to me, I’d be super nice back and talk away to them and most of them actually warme up and were nice and they others just got peed off at me which was hilarious anyway. Might be a bit different to Maccas as generally you spent more time with the customer and could have a decent chat with them. I’d have customers who would wait longer to come through my register each week cause i was friendly and didn’t chuck all their groceries in willy nilly. I was particular with how I packed – cold together, meat separate with chicken on the bottom; cleaning products seperate etc. And I always checked people’s eggs – incredible how many people don;t open an egg carton to check for broken eggs when they pick them up.
    Suffice to say, although it was tiring work and yes some people are idiots and rude, I still got a lot out of it. And I took the job because I needed money to support myself at uni and they worked around my hours. i think working at the uni bar was the worst. I’m not a smoker but came home reeking of cigarette smoke and alcohol. i went off drinking (god forbid!) because I saw so many girls I knew absolutely off the show and realised thats was I looked like/acted when i was drunk and I just didn’t want to drink the whole time I worked there. Guys were rude and figured because you worked behind the bar that they were allowed to have a cheeky grab. Gross.
    Don’t get me started on pushy sales people when you just want to get somewhere… When I worked in Bondi Junction and had to walk up from my work through the mall to the bank, it was like running the gauntlet. It was mostly backpackers doing those jobs there. Not my idea of fun either, but ts money and you would hope that most of them would be passionate about the cause – possibly not, but maybe? I personally just want to get where i need to go and make the choices about the charities i support or the items I buy without the big sell. Its not something that I respond to…

  2. Spruiking is like calling a horse race. That takes a bit of skill and practise. I certainly can’t talk non stop like some people. Hassling people and chasing them down the street is not spruiking.

    Speaking of doing crazy things for money though. What about these copper collectors? The mad guy at my work who during his breaks disassembles electronic goods to salvage the copper.

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