App Review – Cooking & Baking

Danni’s Top Picks

Jamies’ Recipes – Free

Includes a taster pack of 10 recipes and a few videos – you can then choose your own extras to purchase.

Whole Foods Market Recipes (US) Free

A handy app when cooking for dietary requirements or food intolerances. Lists out recipes by course, dietary requirement and other categories like cooking with kids, family friendly, one pot wonders etc.  It also has a great feature in which you can list up to 3 ingredients you have in your pantry and it recommends recipes you can cook using those ingredients.

Portable Knoweledge – Free

A groovy app that has no recipes…just loads of handy hints like “how hot is a moderately hot oven?” and “what can be substituted for baking soda?” I’m loving this one!!

Cookulator – Free

A Unit converter for simple conversions.  Just enter the amount next to one measurement and it will list out your conversion to all the other measurements.  Fabulous when following American or European cookbooks:)

Eggcellent Egg Timer – Free

I love this!  I’m useless at cooking eggs and this app makes it so easy.  Select your egg size, temperature and how you like them cooked and hit go!

Mel’s Top Pics

Meal Board – $1.99

This app is both a time and sanity saver for me. You can use it to store recipes, create meal plans and use as a shopping list. It takes a bit of time to get it set up – adding recipes and ingredients, but once you have it running its fabulous. Once you select a recipe, and add it to your meal plan for the week it will add the ingredients to your shopping list. You can nominate ingredients that you keep stocked in your pantry that don’t need to go on the shopping list. You can even set up the shopping list as per the aisles in your local supermarket. I will add that I always try a new recipe before adding it in, so that I’m not adding a new recipe to find that Miss E someone in the family doesn’t like it and I wont use it again…

Ask the Butcher – $1.99

I am loving this. Mostly because I am useless with different names for cuts of meat, especially when translating non-Australian recipes. This app has a list (and diagram) of cuts for Lamb, Beef, Veal and Pork. For each cut it also has recipes; best cooking methods and a cooking timer (I’ve used it to cook perfect steaks). Makes meat easy for me.

Taste – free

This is actually not an app, but by adding the site ( to your home screen it shows a pretty avatar just like an app does! I use this site ALL the time. If I know I want to cook something in particular, but I’m not entirely sure of the ingredients, its just about guaranteed there will be a version of the recipe on this site. I love the fact that it is Australian recipes, ingredients easily sourced here and measurements are metric. The users’ comments at the bottom of the recipe are a great way of finding out tweaks, as people will share what they thought of the recipe and how it can be improved.

We Both Love

Jamies 20 min. meals $8.49 – Awesome recipes, instructional videos and an interactive shopping list tool.  Very groovy!

Magazine Apps

Both Donna Hay Magazine and Super Food Ideas now have their own iPad app versions of their magazines. The current issue of the Donna Hay app is free and apparently awesome, and Super Food Ideas sounds like a bargain at just $0.99, so get downloading! I’ll be stealing DH’s iPad soon to bring you a review of both of these. ~Mel~



  1. I think I’d consider getting an Iphone just for the Meal Board app!

    • It rocks Lisa! I stopped using for a while but have got right back into it. Although once my phone is upgraded, I’m thinking the Woolworths app may give it a run for it’s money with it’s funky product scan option (scan the barcode of an item and add it to your shopping list). If only you could add your own recipes to it. I imagine once I have the phone that works with it, I’ll be scanning everything within sight until the novelty wears off!
      But yes, Mealboard is my friend!

  2. I’m trying out the free version of the new Thermomix App at the moment. Going well so far! Anyone tried the full version?

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