Calling all Princesses, Princes and Knights….Let The Games Begin!!

The things you do for you kids eh?  After a week of organising, shopping, cake-making, pinata filling and so on, Himself and I spent Friday evening in front of the telly stringing up the bunting I got from Pink Frosting and wrapping gifts for “Pass the Treasure Chest” (my cheats version of pass the parcel so you don’t have to remember what was under each layer..we wrapped blue for boys and pink for girls..all the kids have to do is pick out a treasure for themselves…easy!).

We ended up getting that marquee as the weather was predicted to be wet and 16Degrees (Bluh!!).  It poured with rain in the morning and was so windy the marquee threatened to blow away at one point, however Miss N and her friends had a great day and some of the kids (and parents!) went to great lengths with their costumes!!

I was running a bit late getting ready (everyone, including us had forgotten it was swap to daylight savings time) so I didn’t get a chance to take pics of the beautiful table all laid out before the kids got stuck in:(     We had fairy bread (no party is complete without it!), Mars Bar Slice, White Choc coated strawberries, chips and lollies and Choc cupcakes with pink ganache and topped with a little white crown.

The Pinata AKA “Slaying the Dragon”  was great fun, although I must admit it DID look more like a parrot than a fire-breathing dragon…I guess you do get what you pay for!!  Himself ended up having to help it along to finally break, and everyone (the dog included) were down on the grass scrabbling for the treats!

Himself did a great job of the BBQ and the chipolatas we purchased from the Black Forest Smokehouse were the talk of the Party!!!  Himself says many of them were eaten before they got from the BBQ to the table (a whole 1.5 metres away!)

My cake was a triumph (if I do say so myself!) and Miss N tells me it was the “Best Birthday Ever” which is all the thanks a mama really needs to hear.  Now I have to start thinking about next year LOL!



  1. What an awesome job you did Danni! I love the dragon slaying – and the costume was so cool! Also love the pass the parcel idea, I might steal that 🙂

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