Brownie bake-off? Yummy recipes for you!

Our friends like to cook and bake. Gotta love that. They also love catching up for yummy food and a chat. We are also a teensy bit competitive. A harmless twitter conversation turned into a bit of a challenge, and so in honour of my birthday, we decided to catch up and have a Brownie Bake-Off!

You know you want some...

We caught up, let the babies play, tried to rein in Miss E from terrorising the poor cat and got stuck into some serious brownie tasting and scoring… 5 people, six brownies and a serious sugar overload. I don’t think any of us want to see another brownie for a little while.

I came in a respectable second place with my super easy, gooey choc macadamia brownies which I’ve already blogged about (you can find the post here) – and I must give props to Rika Girl who made the most awesome raspberry choc brownie – the recipe can be found here. I’ve tried adding a raspberry element to mine before and failed miserably.

Miss Amy came third with her yummy and perfect looking brownies – she blogged about them here, and while you are there check out her recipe further down for Chocolate Carrot slice. Absolutely delicious and it must be healthy because it has carrot in it!

DH made very yummy off-the-cuff crazy m&m’s blondie. It was caramelly and good, but SO rich! I wish I had the ability to just throw ingredients together like he did and just have it work. He has the knack. So no recipe for you. Sadly, I accidentally knocked the pan of leftovers with some of Amy’s included, when getting Master O out of the car – he thinks I was just jealous of them…

Bye bye blondies

The other 2 entries were from Ash#2 who made a very healthy raw food date and walnut brownie – which were dubbed ‘Frownies’, not due to tasting bad at all but lack of unhealthy ingredients! This one was done in ‘Thermie’ so here is the recipe for those of you out there lucky enough to have a thermomix (am jealous!)

The next catchup has been set for Devonshire Tea. I’m keen to go the whole hog, make the jam, brew the tea, whip the cream and, of course, cook the scones. I’m working on everyone else! Also on the cards is bread; chocolate chip cookies; and shortbread for Christmas.

Are we the only people who catch up for friendly competitive cooking? Surely not? Tell us what you and your friends do, I’d love to know. Any ideas for another ‘off for us?


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