The Backyard Farmer Strikes Again!

Well Spring has most definitely sprung here on the mainland and Mel was lucky enough to be in amongst it on her recent trip up.  HOWEVER.  This past few days it has been pouring with rain, which is most depressing after so many weeks of such glorious sun.  Miss N keeps trying to cheer me up by saying “It’s OK Mum!!!  It means our plants are getting a water!!”

Our small veggie patch is loving all the rain.  We seem to keep adding pots and plants and presently my little haven looks like this….

We have celery, lemon & lime tree, chilli’s, herbs of all sorts, tomatoes (several different heirloom and other varieties), several types of zucchini, cucumbers, watermelons, rockmelons, snow peas, regular peas, broccoli, silverbeet and rosemary.

Mr Raspberry is not looking too happy and I am yet to find out why….

The “oniony-type-things” bed is doing well, albeit having survived a small attack by god knows what…here we have garlic, leeks, red onions, fennel, shallots, spring onions and chinese cabbage.

Yes, i know – Himself hasn’t cut the grass!!

The lettuce and radishes are going great guns as they just soak up all the rain.  I have to remember to keep adding more seedlings to this patch as we eat them so quickly!

We also have some sweet corn going in pots and Himself keeps adding to his Chilli collection.  Apparently we have the top 2 hottest chilli’s in the world growing at our place…must remember not to try those!!!

I know it’s not much of a veggie collection, however I am hopeful that one day when we have a place of our own we will have much more space to spread out!!

How does your garden grow?  Are you like me and try to stay organic?  I’d love to hear from you!!!


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