Tuesday toddler tastes – with bento eggs

Miss E is a pretty good eater, but she does get bored quickly, so I often use a tasting plate to get her to eat well and a number of different food groups at the one time. Today is no exception, so I thought I’d share…

Lunchtime tasting plate

On today’s menu:

Salmon Tikka left over from last night (she was wiped out from child care and slept through dinner)

Strawberries and Grapes – I normally don’t buy grapes when they aren’t local, but she’s obsessed at the moment, so its USA all the way apparently. Very well washed.

Feta cheese and olives – she LOVES both of these.

Bento boiled eggs – aren’t they the cutest? One is mine, but I wanted to show you both the bunny and bear shapes. Want to know how to make them?

Bento eggs…

I found my mould from an ebay store, just google or do an ebay search and you’ll find them. I got the two for around $13 including shipping. I want to get a Hello Kitty one next!

First step is to medium-hard boil your eggs as usual. I am SO bad at the timing of this, I actually downloaded an app to time for me, now its perfect! You will need to turn the eggs now and again to keep the yolk in the middle of the egg.

Hard boil eggs as usual

Once boiled I dunk into a bowl of cold water for a minute or so til its easier to handle. The eggs still need to be warm to mould properly. Peel the eggs and pop into the mould (I usually dampen the inside of the mould a tiny bit so that the egg doesn’t stick).

Place egg in mould and carefully clip together

Gently clip the mould closed and pop into a bowl of cold water for ten minutes.

Pop moulds into cold water for 10 minutes

Carefully remove from mould. There may be a little egg squished out around the mould. You can just cleanly remove this from the edges of the egg with a knife tip. Ta da! The finished product…

The finished product


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