Spring Clean!!

I have spent the past few days in full, crazy and total organisation and clean mode.  I’m quite sure my mother sometimes wonders what the hell happened to me, as I can distinctly remember being a slob as a child:)  I put it down to having my own place!  I love things to be clean, neat & organised. “A place for everything and everything in its place”.  Hence my favourite shop is Ikea.  I am also quite partial to Howards storage world and several other stores of similar calibre.

I love nothing better than a good spring clean. A Purge, if you will.  Himself always gets edgy as he knows once I start, I can’t be stopped and he and all his stuff need to watch out!

This time around I have managed to put to good use a number of things I have had sitting around for ages.  A big Lazy Susan (Busy Sue, as Himself has now named her) is now in the cupboard and home to all our sauce bottles, my two big plastic tubs are being used as tupperware receptacles – one for cups, drink bottles, travel mugs and the like and the other for lunch boxes, containers etc.

I also checked out my local Kmart and found they have really come a long way in the last little while.  I managed to get 2 plastic containers for $2 which are now home to my “under the sink” stuff (rubber gloves, plugs, strainers, dishwasher liquid, disinfectant wipes etc).  I also managed to find some foldable black storage boxes (2 x for $8) which have been fabulous for all my underwear, jewelry, accessories and hosiery.   The 4 x brown boxes that used to house these things are now being used in my kitchen cabinet to house all of my cake decorating equipment.

Silly me forgot to take some before pictures so you have no idea how awful things looked like however let me assure you the finished, clean kitchen is MUCH prettier:)

The lovely Mel and her family are here with us presently so we are off to Ikea today for a day trip – YAY!!

More clean updates coming soon!!


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