Mini drink bottle shakers/peekaboo bottles

All the kids in Miss E’s Mother’s Group loved these when one of our Mummas brought one in (handy having an early childhood educator in our midst). Before long, pretty much all of us had followed suit I think!
It is such a simple idea and a visual and audial toy for little ones.
Also a great idea for a birthday goody bag – you can tailor it to the birthday theme by your choice of table scatters eg. Teddy bear scatters for a teddy bears picnic.

What you need:
A mini soft drink bottle – we used the mini creaming soda bottles (can be found in a pack of 12 for under $5 usually at Woollies)
Rice or corn
Colourful items – table scatters or foil chocolate wrappers such as roses…
Non toxic Glue

1. Wash and clean bottles after drinking. Remove label – you may need to soak to remove the glue. Allow to dry thoroughly.
2. Pour in Rice or corn to desired point (remember not too much as it can get heavy for bubbas). Add scatters or wrappers etc.
3. Pop glue on the inside rim of lid and screw on as tightly as possible. Wash off any excess glue. Allow to dry.
4. Let baby shake shake shake!

Alternative for toddlers/older children – peekaboo bottle.
This a cheap and easy take on those funky little peekaboo bags. We are about to head on a big roadtrip so I’m going to make one for Miss E as a roadtrip activity.

What you need:
Drink bottle/glue/rice as above.
Different types of table scatters and small charms/plastic toys/mini erasers small enough to fit through bottle opening.
Tag and string or sticky label.

1. Prepare bottle as above.
Fill 3/4 full with rice. Add a little glitter for sparkle.
2. Pop in one of each table scatter/charm/toy.
3. Line lid with glue and do up tight.
4. Make up a label saying what items are in the bottle and need to be found. Either stick label on as close as possible to bottom of bottle or wrap around neck of bottle and knot.

Always keep an eye on children when playing with these as if they manage to open then there are potential choking hazards. However Miss E has yet to get into one yet and she is curiosity personified!

Peekaboo shaker



  1. If you use rice, dye it with food dye by putting the rice in a bowl and just covering with water and food dye, leave for an hour then spread it out on an oven tray and put it in the oven on a low heat to dry out. Makes it pretty colours too 🙂

    Cait still likes hers to play with at nearly 3 (although had to get hubby to do it up as the glue is getting old and she can undo screw caps now…)

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