Utopian Delights Update – Cake It Away!!

I thought I would give you all a little update on the workings of my little business.  I have done a few cakes this last week and was very happy with the way they turned out.

The first was a Christening Cake.  The client wanted something modern & funky with white, baby blue and brown as the colour scheme.  She was impressed by the idea of spots so that’s the direction we took.  Not necessarily your traditional Christening Cake, however we added a few crosses on wires to keep the religious aspect in place!  I was very happy with this cake.  Its a simple design in theory and it turned out so well!

Next I made a 90th Bday cake.  All the instructions I had from this client was that she wanted buttercake for 70 people.  Not as easy as it sounds! You never know what pictures people have in their heads and even if they say “just do whatever you think looks nice” you know that it will most likely NOT be the same picture that they have!  In the end we agreed on a simple design and she was most happy with the outcome (phew!).    I had designed some complimentary hearts on wires, and a “bling” number 90 to be placed coming out of the small white heart atop the cake.  This could not be photographed all finished as the cake was being transported quite a distance and you don’t want to risk the wires breaking or bending before the big reveal!!

Apologies for the second photo, my camera was not playing nice:)

The latest cake design I am working on is for a very special client.  My big girl!!!  Miss N is having her 5th birthday in a few weeks and has decided upon a Princess themed party and cake.  She wants a cake with a tiara on the top.  I’m thinking two tiers, stripes, swirly designs, feathers, stars and jewels and a lovely looking Tiara any princess would be proud to have.  Here’s hoping I can create the picture SHE has in her head! LOL.  We all know how fickle children can be:)

In other business news, I am working on some other gourmet delights which will be available for purchase, a new Logo and also on a few groovy household organisation items which will be coming soon!  Once they are all done I will do a little giveaway so stay tuned!!!


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