Preparations for a Princess Party

Right.  So Miss N will be 5 in a few weeks and so I have been in full on creative mode thinking about the party.  Of course, me being me and not being able to help myself, my inner Event Manager comes out and I get all excited thinking about what we could do.  I am going as far as to have a “talk” to Himself to see if we should purchase a 3m x 6m wedding marquee for the backyard (in case of bad weather you understand….we can definitely use it again for events, Christmas etc so it wouldn’t be a total waste and at $89 from Ebay its a hands down bargain!!!) Ahem.  OK so we’ll discuss that later!!

To begin with, we faced the inevitable challenge that comes with my darling daughter having mostly male friends….would little boys really want to come to a Princess party???   So, to fix it I talked her into a “Princess, Princes and Knights” party instead.  If the littlies want to dress up they can and if not, who cares.

Decoration wise, I’m probably not doing much.  I found this sensational bunting from Pink Frosting (it was cheap and I’ve been hanging out to get some for something….excuse the pun!!).

I had thought about sticking up big long sheets of drawing paper (Ikea Rolls) over one of our back sliding doors and drawing a big Castle Scene which the kids could have fun colouring in….still thinking about that one!!  Not quite sure how I would go about doing the drawing (I’m really useless at art).  Any assistance in this area would be appreciated!!!!

For activities, I’m praying for sunshine (since we may or may not have the marquee LOL!) so the kids can use the trampoline and we can set up the play tunnels and tents in the backyard as a Castle or Fort.

All Miss N really wanted at this party was pass the parcel (easy done) and a Pinata.  So I thought to myself….what does every Princess need that every Prince and Knight can do???  rescuing from a fire-breathing dragon of course!!!  So I am trying to find a Dragon Pinata that looks something like this….

It’s actually more difficult that one might think, as all the good ones seem to be in the US. I have found however just today, a lady in Sydney’s southern suburbs that makes Pinatas to order, so I’m hoping she will be able to give me a great price on something very similar!!

So some Dragon Slaying will be happening and I need to find now a stack of lollies for the inside.  I’ve never actually had a pinata before so this should be fun…i wonder if I will get a go??!!

This week we are finalising invitations and I just went simple with some ready-to-go cards from Kmart, some stick on jewels and my printer.  I found a crown picture for the front and Miss N has been beside herself with excitement about “crafting” her invitations.  I thought I was being funny & groovy when writing the invites (I ripped off the idea from a US b’day party forum site and just changed it slightly to suit myself – thanks ladies!!!) …they read as follows:

Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!!

All Noble Princesses, Princes & Knights

Princess N is having a 5th b’day Party and requests the attendance of NAME

Date, Time & Location

If you wish to wear your favourite regal costume you are more than welcome too, provided it can be crawled around in and spilled upon by your highness.

Bring your footmen or Lady in Waiting (aka mum & dad) and join us for an afternoon of regal games, Dragon slaying and enjoyment of a noble banquet. (BYO Grog for the servants)

Please send your RSVP by return horse ASAP

For the goodie bags (my favourite part!) I wanted to steer away from lollies as much as possible.  Please don’t think I’m a horrible mother! I just think that little ones really don’t need heaps of junk.  I also love it when bags contain stuff that’s useful or fun rather than just sugar.   Especially lollipops. I HATE kids having lollipops. Don’t Ask. I just Do.  SO.  I am thinking outside the square a bit and have found a stack of stuff that can fill the bags (with a choccie or two, I’m not a total stick-in-the-mud) alongside a homemade crown shaped and decorated cookie, and maybe a cake pop if I have enough time.  Since we have a big age range of attendees (anywhere from 3 weeks to 10yrs) I had to think of things appropriate to all.

For the girls, I found these fabulous Hot Pink Fans (every Princess needs one!)  from Pink Frosting.

The girls will also receive a pink leather bracelet ($5.60 for 20 from Ebay – yes really!) with a Silver Princess Crown Charm ($3.00 for 10 from Ebay – again – True!).

The boys will receive a black leather bracelet and charm (prices as above!!!) with the charm being a Silver Knights breastplate/shield.  They will also receive one of these medieval knights rubber duckies, again from Ebay.  One Word….AWESOME!!!!!

For the babies (i.e 1yr and younger) I have devised a special gift instead of what’s above.  I figured the little ones were too small for the toys but didn’t want them to be left out so I have purchased some cheap white T Shirts and short sleeve bodysuits from Kmart and got some cute Iron-on Transfers for them.  The girls’ say “This is What a Little Princess Looks Like” and the boys says “Little Prince” with a cute frog wearing a crown.  These were also from Ebay (TOP TIP HERE!!! make Ebay your friend) and cost next to nothing. The bodysuits were $5 for a pack of 4…you can’t beat that!!!

Food Wise, I’m still deciding as I do want to sort of have this a little bit themed, however we are catering for mums & dads also so may just stick with a sausage sizzle for all.    Of course there will be fairy bread (no party is complete without it!) and chips and a slice of some description and not to forget – the cake!!!

Sigh.  I LOVE parties!!!!!


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