Ready, Set, Roadtrip!

We are off on a quick roadtrip from Tassie to Northern NSW later this week.
I feel the need to make copious lists. What to pack, how to organise, entertaining Miss E etc…
This will be Miss E’s fourth trip across – her third on the boat (she’s got a little collection of the Spirit of Tasmania bathtime boats they hand out when you travel with a child) but I figure this time it’s a whole new ball game. This time we are travelling with a 6 month old who is eating solids like they’ve gone out of style and an almost-three year old who is still getting the hang of being nappy-less. This could be interesting…
At this stage with Miss E the only thing that touched her lips was rice cereal or fruit/veg mash that I had prepared myself. This is going to be a bit hard on the road, so for the Melbourne/Sydney stretches it’s going to be packaged food – thank goodness for all the choice now in organic baby food, I feel less guilt!
For Miss E and us, I plan to make a big batch of cookies and muffins to snack on, but it goes without saying there will be the inevitable junk food stops and certain golden arches along the way – they definitely have their place for me on roadtrips – relatively clean toilets; play areas for E to run around and stretch her legs after being stuck in the car for so long and change tables. I hate changing on car seats – so awkward – I actually took E’s big change table mat on two trips so we could whip it out of the car wherever we were and do alfresco changes, but that was back in the day of having a station wagon and one child…

As far as entertainment goes, she’s still a little young for most typical car based games eg. eyespy, numberplate bingo – I am really looking forward to a time in the future when we can play these! Instead I normally travel with a couple of drawstring bags with different little toys and books in them. Some old, some new to hand out to her during the trip.

I went into a wonderful toyshop in Hobart yesterday called Windmill –  to find little things for Miss E in the car, I got her a fingerpuppet but that was it. Got a cool ball/rattle thingy for O and a birthday card for our friend’s little boy who is having a birthday party in Geelong on Saturday which we are crashing on our way up!

So today I’m off down to Big W to get some Lego for aforementioned boy and to see if I can find anything else for Miss E. We actually invested in a portable DVD player for the car – with the screens that attach to the back of the headrest. Was under $100 from Target – well worth it for some peace and quiet on the trip I say!

A few weeks back E spied the Tiger Tribe magnetic playbooks while we were out shopping so I let her choose one (with the roadtrip in mind) and she picked this outerspace one – so cute!

Tiger tribe Playbook

I’m also going to make an easy version of a peek-a-boo bag for her – will post about this later.

Oh and we’ll take the potty with us just in case we have one of those “I need to go to the toilet NOW Mummy” experiences along the way.

What are your roadtrip strategies? Any tips for us?



  1. Ha! I’m feeling your pain. We just came back from BrisVegas and I must admit both our girls were VERY good in the car. We borrowed a DVD player and it was the BEST thing for Miss N. Kept her entertained and happy. We only ever heard “Are we there yet?” once! She also had colouring books/paper and a good stack of crayola washables (DON’T ever buy any other textas!!!! She did end up drawing n herself and the car seat, however I’m happy in the knowledge I’ll be able to get that out!). She had her Leapster Explorer aswell (LOVE LOVE LOVE this company!!! I want to buy shares in Leapfrog) and that was useful.

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