Owls, apples, toadstools and a little bit of whimsy…

The builders broke ground on our block just over two months ago, and have been going great guns. In fact we are very close to lock-up stage, so my thoughts are turning, of course, to decorating. Since the birth of Master O earlier this year I’ve been excited by the proposition of having both boy and girl rooms to decorate.
We haven’t been sure whether we are going to paint the walls with a colour or not – they will start out as Dulux Whisper White, but we are more likely to leave the wall colour neutral and use decals to bring colour and features to the walls.
In the meantime I’d love to share some accessories I already have or would love for their rooms, starting today with almost 3, Miss E’s room…

Girls Room
The major colour themes I had for Miss E’s original room were shades of red, green and pink with her major furniture items white. I’m going to stick with these colours for the new room I think and I’m trying for a whimsical, fairytale woodland theme.
Her favourite things at the moment are owls (like every little girl it seems); Tinkerbell (so by default, fairies); her favorite food item – apples; and she is obsessed with the moon and stars, so I’m going to try to incorporate those in somehow.
So, accessories…

I LOVE this Baby’s Got Style fairy toadstool pouf. They sold out almost as soon as they got them in, but are expecting more in October – contact them if you are interested and they can notify you when they are back in stock. I think they are just adorable…

Fairy Toadstool Pouf
These Alimrose apple bookends look cute and should contain her favourite items from her extensive book collection…

Alimrose apple bookends

How cute are these owls from A Boys Mumma – you can check them out on her Facebook page. They are only $10 each! She also makes cute monster-like ones!

A boys mumma owls

I contacted Zoe and she sent me a pic of some of the fabrics that might suit the colour scheme I was after and I chose a funky orangey coloured zig zag. This is the oh, so cute result! this is going to make a sweet birthday present for Miss E in November. I can’t wait for him to fly over to us…

Zigzag owl

We already had this Ikea Trofast storage system. Size-wise, being such a dominant item in the room they really dictate the colour scheme, but they make fantastic storage pieces. I’m still not sure if it will remain in her new room as all the bedrooms except for the spare room/study have built-ins, but its great for toys, so it will either stay there or in the study – these pictures are from her old bedroom before we moved in with Dad… We will probably use the round red rug in her room again also.

Ikea storage

And again from Ikea, I have always wanted to get one of these Smila-Mane moon wall lamps.

Ikea Smila Mane wall lamp

I made these apple fabric canvases for her nursery, and since they fit the theme, I’ll be keeping them in her new room. Unfortunately, I don’t have a closeup of them (the animal fairy lights will be going to O’s room)

Apple Canvasses

I love the Hiccups ‘Pretty Pony’ bunting that I also got for her nursery – again going back to the green/pink/red tones of the colour scheme, I figured the orange colour will also pick up on Mr Owl’s orange zigzag too.

Pretty Pony Bunting

I already had this Ikea Fabler bed canopy which I had over her cot before she was born, but then we moved house and rented from friends so I didn’t want to be putting hooks in the ceiling – but I’m happy to put holes in our own ceiling! I think canopies are wonderful and girly.

Ikea Fabler Bed Canopy

And finally, to create a bit of a feature on our otherwise plain walls, I adore this gorgeous Scroll Tree removable wall mural available from Stuckup Kids. I have a feeling this may be the very one that Danni chose for Miss N’s bedroom wall – am I right Danni?

Scroll tree wall decals

Although we are thinking it’ll be a white wall and decal combo at the moment, we may yet decide to just go crazy with the colour scheme and paint a rainbow wall like this one we came across in the paint shop the other day. Ella loved it so I am VERY tempted! I might have to do a different post with a rainbow theme and put it to our readers and Miss E to make a choice!

Rainbow wall



  1. I’m loving that Toadstool!! Awesome!!
    The decals are exactly the same as I have for Miss Z’s room. Very cheap and very fabulous!!!

  2. Caitlin’s getting a canopy to go with her big girl bed for her birthday. It will be very whimsical with her white wrought iron bed. Can’t wait!

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