Bag Habits Part II

Hooray!  My Etsy Order has arrived!  Who’s very excited? MEEEEE!!!!!

A big thanks to Little Baby Boutique for the fab stuff.  I’m in love and I cannot wait for the first time I get to use my new things:)

Since I’m massively excited I thought I would share my re-organising moments with you all…..

Assemble Contents of old handbag on Lounge-room Floor (nicely of course, for photo);

Please note the array of crap my handbag contains. Leftovers from Children’s parties, things I keep “just in case” (although Ill probably never use them – like the umbrella), lollies, cling-wrapped half eaten chocolate bars (the children’s!!), Miss N’s hair elastics, perscription glasses I only ever really wear whilst in the cinema (although I do have sunnies ones for the car), bag of cosmetics, pens, selection of baby stuff for quick changes, lots of other bits & pieces plus a good amount of dust and dirt and an array of stuff I had to chuck straight in the bin as it was FAR too embarrassing to have it kept as photographic evidence of my utter disgustingness:)

Pack everything into new nappy clutch.

I have actually split this order into two sections.   The zippered wet bag contains 3 x nappies, 2 x changes of clothes, 1 x pair socks, 1 x bib, 1 x sunhat and a spew rag (a technical term around these parts!! Apologies if I have offended anyone!!).  This, the wipes container, the change mat, my black chickadee baby sling (which is AWESOME in case you wanted to know) creams and lotions and a dummy were packed into the middle section of my new funky handbag.

The main nappy clutch itself was packed with another 3 x nappies, 2 x changes of clothes, 1 x bib, 1 x disposable change mat, 1 x mini pack wipes (both of these came out of my original handbag – you can see them in the photo) and a spew rag.  This will be kept in Himself’s car just in case of emergencies:)

Here is everything packed into the middle zippered section of my new bigger and more user-friendly handbag:

Now the bag totally re-packed with all my baby stuff and mummy stuff:)

So.  For all you mummies wanting to get rid of your old boring nappy bag – now is the time!!!!  See what you can do for a small amount of cash and a bit of organisation:)


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