Build it up! The block – progress so far…

Since the last few weeks have shown significant progress, I thought it might be a good time to share some photos of the block and the house build so far (apologies for the quality of some of the pictures – until we get a new lens for the DSLR, it’s all from the iPhone)…

There was a lot of work done before the stage shown in the first image. DH (along with Dad’s help too) had to clear quite a few scrubby and dead trees as well as a couple of big eucalypts which were the house was going. Many weekends were spent there. I will have to dig up some earlier photos.

Preparing for the slab, looking towards the front of the block – not much to see really…

From the far end

Within a fortnight, the floor plan was laid out in a timber base and within a few days of that, we had our wall frames. Miss E loved playing with the bits and pieces left behind…

Building Blocks

The view from our bedroom window…

View from main bedroom

Next thing I know we have roof trusses and windows (all except the front two windows)…


I love these sliding doors that lead out onto what will be our outdoor entertaining area – eventually paved/decked. Our plan is to build a wood-fired oven for pizzas and roasts etc, so I can see lots of long afternoon lunches, and summer evenings out here watching the sunset. These doors are looking into the living area and you can see that window on the other side of the room that looks out onto the mountain view.

Sliding doors

When I drove past the next day – we now have flashing!

Now, with flashing!

And as I drove past, I realised, there is even some roof, so I got out for a closer inspection…

And even, some roof!

Funnily enough, I sent the pics through to DH and he pointed out to me that the bath was in too, which sure enough, when I looked at this pic it was quite obvious (but for those as oblivious as I was, its underneath the largest of the frosted windows).

And a bath...

The brickies came in the next day and within a few days, they have bricked most of the house, with only a few courses to go around all sides and the front facade left to do. So as of Friday, this is where we are at, two months into the build…

Bricked house

I’m really happy with how well the roof and brick colour go together (for those who are interested, the brick is K&D Bricks – Olde Melbourne Clinker and the roof is Colourbond – Ironstone, flashing and guttering is Ironstone also). They were probably the two hardest choices we had to make and its so hard trying to judge off tiny samples.

Plumbing and electrical are both done and the plasterer is due this week too, so within a week or so we should be at lock-up. Then it’s just the wardrobes, kitchen/laundry/bathroom cabinets to go in; painting; power; and the waste treatment system.

The whole way along I’ve been waiting for delays or something to slow things down, but there hasn’t really been anything (since they have started – before then a different story). Though everyone says once you get to lock-up everything grinds to a halt so I’m not getting my hopes up, but I think for both of us there is now a small seed planted in the back of our minds that we will be in by Christmas. Since everything is moving so quickly – we’ve gone from digging out the site to this point in two months, it seems like there is a chance that it could get finished within the next three months.

There is a lot that will still need doing after the builders have done their job and with our limited budget all the extras will be a very long-term project…

Floor coverings – we plan on tiles in entrance/bathrooms/living/dining/kitchen; carpet in bedrooms, bedroom hallway and loungeroom.

Blinds – bedrooms are our main priority, we want blackout roller blinds. Eventually some for the other rooms.

Landscaping –  with 1ha of land this is a big job. We aren’t exactly green thumbs but are enthusiastic. We are thinking we might hire somebody to help us with the design and the best plants for the area and we’ll do the planting etc ourselves. We’ve already pretty much planned the orchard/veggie garden out the back, as well as grapes and olives, so it’s just help with the rest of the area…

Grass  – a long way down the track probably. It used to be grazing land so there is scrubby grass which will have to do for now.

Chooks – we want some lovely little ladies to cluck about and lay some eggs for us. Miss E is a voracious egg eater, who actually chooses regular eggs over kinder surprises 90% of the time (in fact if she does choose the kinder surprise, she’ll often ditch the chocolate for the surprise – something I’m quite happy to help her out with!

So that is where we are at. It’s been quite an emotional ride so far, although being pregnant or having a newborn for most of the time whilst this has been going on, probably hasn’t helped with the emotions, its been pretty full-on. I’m so proud of DH and how much work he has put into it. It took me a really long time to get excited about it as I was quite pessimistic, until we had our fully approved loan papers in my hand and the excavator on site I really couldn’t bring myself to get involved.

Now I am so excited!


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