Gettin’ Crafty Tutorial – Crayon Rescue

Sometimes I get into an absolute flurry of craftyness.  This is one of those times:)  I figure I now have a great medium in which to share my bevvy of excitement each time I get caught up in the whirl of a new “project”.    Gettin’ Crafty Tutorial #1 – Here We Go!!!

I have found a sensational way of recycling all those annoying used and broken crayons from Miss N’s pencil box.  The tiny little things just annoy me and I have found a way to rid myself of them once and for all!!!

Watch carefully and I’ll prove you CAN make something from (and for) nothing.

Step 1 – Empty the pencil box and collect all the crayon odds and ends.

Step 2 – Peel off all the paper wrappings and sort into colours

Step 3 – Find yourself a silicone mould (ice cube trays work a treat)

Step 4 – Fill each mould with a pile of broken crayons.  I have stuck to plain colours here but you could make rainbow ones just as easily)

Step 5 – Place your mould on a microwave safe flat plate and heat on high for approx 10-15 minutes or until all the wax has melted

Step 6 – Carefully remove from microwave (Remember the Plate will be hot!) and place in the freezer to harden (approx 10-15 mins)

Step 7 – Turn out your fabulous “new” crayons and impress your child with your utter fabulousness!!

You may notice in the picture below, the butterflies seem to have 2 distinct layers of wax.  It seems when the wax melted it split.  I couldn’t see this when they were in the mould and so when used, one layer was just clear wax and would not “draw” like the other side.  The solution was to grab a paddlepop stick or similar and carefully give each mould a little stir when they come out of the microwave (PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!  Boiling Wax creates horrific burns).  This amalgamates the wax.

This would be a great addittion to any birthday party goodie bag.  Silicone moulds are so cheap these days and you can get them in a whole range of different shapes and designs.  A few packs of el cheapo crayons from your local discount store and  hey presto! You will be the talk of the party scene:)



  1. Mel, this is BRILLIANT!!!! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Its fab, isn’t it Amy? This post is all Danni’s work though so I can’t claim any credit.
      I’d seen them for sale before and was going to buy some for goodie bags for Miss E’s birthday, I’m going to have to try to make some myself now. I’m just annoyed with myself that i actually threw out a silicone ice cube tray not long ago as it had gone all damp smelling and I didn’t want to use it for ice/food… would have been fine for crayons!

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