Playtime for baby…

Well, what a morning it has been…
I finished off a post for today late last night, but to me it feels unfinished and I can’t bring myself to upload it yet as there is more I would like to add to it. So since Master O was being unsettled in his cot this morning (he is getting sick again – stuffy nose, cough etc and all that led to his breathing/movement monitor alarming twice last night), I figured we would get up and retire to the warmth of the loungeroom so he could have a bit of a roll around and hopefully the warmth would make him drowsy. It did, so I used the time to blog whilst he napped on the rug.
So I spent 1.5 hours on a blog post showing the progress of our house build. I needed one more photo so I saved it and grabbed my pic, figured I’d preview it to see if there were any other changes required and lo and behold, only the first paragraph and picture was there – NOT.MY.DAY…
I don’t have another 1.5 hours to spare so instead decided I’d take a few snaps of what I’m doing with Master O – as I want no more time dragged away from him (apologies for the quality – they are taken from my iPhone).
He’s 5 months, 1 week today and loves to roll back to front, but then does the usual turtle impression on his tummy! He’s getting used to it, but is constantly getting himself wedged up against furniture, and no matter how often the floor is vacuumed, he always ends up with cat hair or snippets of wood from the fire pressed in his cheek.
Since there was no big sister around to interrupt his play, and no one else but me and the cats to trip over toys, I decided to make a sensory play area for him… When I say sensory play area, I basically mean one big play pen made out of loungeroom furniture and whatever else is lying around – washing basket, nappy box oven, toy box, cats… Then I popped a big quilt down and chucked carefully placed all the O-worthy toys around in there. He never gets free run of the living space so had a blast kicking around and squealing! Plus the fact that the toys were spread out encouraged him to move around and reach out and grab things… Great fun for his age!



  1. library geek in training says:

    Love the play area Mel, looks like lots of fun!

  2. Love seeing photos of baby who is discovering ‘the world’ and more…

    • Thanks Denyse – it’s sweet isn’t it… I think he especially loves it when his sister is in care and he gets to explore unhindered too! Not to mention he has his Mummy all to himself 🙂

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