Miss E’s favourite bedtime books (aka brilliant sleep inducers!)

Happy Book Week!

This week, we are all about our love of books. So I thought I would share with you some of Miss E’s favourite bedtime books.

Say Goodnight to the Sleepy Animals (by Ian Whybrow and Ed Eaves)

“The moon is up, the stars shine bright, Off goes Cat to say goodnight”

This story follows a cat saying goodnight to other animals in the area around her home. It is lovely and tactile – each of the pages has fuzzy, felty animals which Miss E loves to pat as she says goodnight to them. It also teaches the noises the animals makes too. I read this one to Miss E from quite early on and stroked her hand on the page, and she has grown along with it.

Star (by Natlie Jane Prior and Anna Pignataro)

“This is what the star sees…”

I purchased this book from my fabulous work book club and it actually came in a two-pack with a book called Sun. Miss E, however, is star obsessed so this book was the winner. It’s also a small book so great as a homely comfort when we go away places and it doesn’t take up a great deal of space. Beautifully illustrated, it feels so quiet and gentle to read that it almost lulls me to sleep too. I feel relaxed after reading it!

All Asleep ( by Joanna Walsh)

“Say nothing, take a peep, the babies are all fast asleep…”

I originally wasn’t a fan of the illustrations in this book, but I must say they have grown on me and now I actually find myself wishing I could get wall decals of the animal images in it. This book is a rhyming book, which if you’ve read my previous book post, you’ll know that I love rhyming books! I found this one a great book to read leading up to my pregnancy with Little O – just getting Miss E used to the concept of babies, and again, after he was born to remind her that she does need to be a bit quieter around bedtime!

Goodnight Moon (by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd)

“In the great green room there was a telephone and a red balloon and a picture of – The cow jumping over the moon…”

This book is pretty much a vintage classic now. Its bright retro colour pallette appeals to Miss E and the alternate monochrome pages were equally as fascinating for Little O. I find that the simplicity of it has a calming influence before bed, and its also a great way for her to associate words with pictures and for counting things as well. Its a lovely gentle book with lots of Miss E’s favourite things, moon, stars, balloons and bunnies. I also think the repeating of “Goodnight” works too!

Kisses for Daddy (Frances Watts & David Legge)

“Baby Bear was grumbly. He didn’t want to go to bed. He didn’t want his bath, and he didn’t want to kiss his mum and dad goodnight…”

Oh yes I know ALL about nights like this – hence why I love this book so much and probably why Miss E connects with it… We bought it as part of a first Father’s Day present for DH, and I think it is so sweet. Its very typically a Daddy kind of story, as in fine Daddy style whilst getting Baby Bear ready for bed he is hyping him up if you ask me! For this very reason, I suggest this as a book early in the night routine, as you can’t but help getting caught up in the actions of the story – bat kisses, mouse kisses, monkey kisses etc.

Prayers for little Hands – Goodnight (Lois Rock & Kay Widdowson)

“I thank you, God, for those I love… And for the fun we share… I snuggle in my cosy bed…And say “Goodnight” to Bear…”

This simple little book is a fabulous little addition to the nighttime routine. I love the little puzzle pieces that fit on each page and correspond with the line of the prayer. Its a sweet little concept. Each puzzle shape has a different texture too. Can you tell I love books with tactile bits in them?

Bedtime books

Since it’s all about sharing the book ♥ – here is my earlier post about Miss E’s other favourite books – Books, books, books…



  1. Happy book week!I have recently bought “Goodnight moon” and I am really impressed.My son just love it!

  2. A great post Mel. Sometimes it is hard to know what books kids will enjoy so it is good to hear other ppl favourites!!

    I’ll share Chloes two favourites
    Time for bed – Mem Fox (always a winner) and Night Night Little Pookie – Sandra Boynton
    I love the last one because it is a quick read and it also reinforces the bedtime routine.

    Both are written as rhymes

    • Thanks Amy 🙂
      ‘Time for Bed’ is another favourite in this house too – We read that and ‘Say Goodnight to the Sleepy Animals’ so much that I know them both by heart, which is handy if we are putting her to sleep somewhere other than home and I don’t have a book with me. ‘Time for Bed’ was our first nighttime routine book and as such I needed to take a break from it for a while! I’ve only just felt able to pick it up to read to Master O in the last few weeks!
      Will keep an eye out for ‘Night Night Little Pookie’ as Miss E has the ‘Moo, Baa, La La La’ app on my iPhone based on the book by the same author and she loves it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Goodnight moon is my kids’ favorite. I love to spend time together reading!

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