What’s happening at Honey, You Baked!

To all our lovely readers, I just thought I would let you know what we are up to of late, as you may have noticed that we haven’t been posting as much.

I’m back at work after maternity leave and I’m more than guessing Miss Z is keeping Danni pretty busy now since she is past that delicious sleeping 95% of the time, ultra-newborn stage…

I’m loving being back at work, currently it’s just three or four nights a week, and mostly I’ll keep it to the three nights. Its great, but geez, the week just flies by, and I just don’t find much time for anything during the day except for looking after the kids, and preparing dinner for the family and myself for work! I’m pretty well exhausted at the moment and to add to it, both Miss E and Master O have been sick, poor O developed bronchialitis so he really hasn’t been sleeping well either. Suffice to say it all adds up to one very tired Mumma.

So we’ve both been settling into new routines and finding a bit less time to devote to posts, and we’ve decided that for now, we will both stick to my post on Mondays, and Danni’s on Friday and then instead of a weekly shared post on Wednesday we will do a monthly Wednesday shared post. Where possibly we’ll be adding some extra posts when we have something exciting to share or just feel the need to write. Sign up to our email updates (over to the right of this post) and you wont miss a thing!

Next week is an exciting week for us – its National Book Week. Both Danni and I love books, and are very excited about it, so all week we will be blogging about books – including a Wednesday post – yay! On Monday I am linking up with Kate Says Stuff for her Menu Monday too, so head on over there on Monday to check out some yummy recipe ideas.

Thanks for following us!



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