Organise Me!!:)

Its raining here in Sydney. AGain.   Here we were, tempted by a few glorious weeks of warm sunshine and ol’ Mother Nature strikes again.  Beeartch! I swear bad weather makes me grumpy. Not half due to the fact I always manage to have clothes on the line which get soaked…

Due to these totally unfair weather patterns, i’m finding it really tough to get moving this week.  SOOO much stuff to do and my usual super-organisation seems to be waning.  I keep getting caught up with other things and nothing is getting finished….SO unlike me!!!   I have business work on the go, household papers and organisation, finance to-do’s, gardening to finish and I need to write my packing list and start baking snacks for our trip to Brissie in 4 weeks (no, 3, hang on no – 2!! Oh God).

The time is now and I need to get my ass into gear.  I had a haircut today, (waist length gone, hello super sexy short cut!) and now I feel refreshed and re-energised….kind of like Samson in reverse:)  I’m sitting here looking at all my half finished jobs and writing out a fresh to-do list in order of what’s to be done and will then take the arvo and night off to relax before I get well and truly stuck in tomorrow.   Since I quit FT work i have found that running my day at home like i would my office seems to work really well for me.  Too bad no one at home does what I tell them quite like the office crowd used too! LOL.

My usual plan of attack is to write out my daily “to do” list, in order of what’s to be done.  I have all the must do’s, then normally a few things listed that I’d LIKE to get done, but won’t kick myself if i don’t.  Some of these get shifted to the next day if they don’t get done, and gradually move up the rankings to become a “must do” if i’m really slack and just keep missing them:)  I even write down things like “Washing/Dishes” on the list every single day…call me annoyingly specific but its just the way I am!!  As I get to something I cross it off, and then in the late afternoon, normally just before (toys) pack up time and arsnic hour, I sit down and write up the list for the next day, incorporating anything I’ve missed/need to add.


How do you manage your days?  Your weeks?  I would be really interested in anyone’s suggestions and comments….there will also be some new Utopian Delights household items coming out soon that may be able to help you – Stay Tuned for giveaways!!



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