Rainy day rescue ideas – mailMummy

I’ve have two sick kidlets on my hands this past week. Miss E has had a virus – coughing, temperatures and gross snotty nose which she insists on transferring onto my clothing at regular intervals. She particularly loves doing this as I’m moving her to DH’s car outside my work – nothing like stepping into work with mostly childless uni students, sporting a snail trail of snot down your arm. She kindly passed it onto her baby brother, which with him, scarily developed into bronchialitis – she’s just a caring sharing kind of girl bless her…Thankfully she is much, much better today and is off to care, but the past week was a challenge.

I’d been racking my brain for inside things for her to do, there are only so many times I can pop on a DVD without getting the guilts, and the attention span of Miss E when sick is even shorter than normal. She is quite prone to frustration, so this is just a quick post on the side with an idea for some others of you with sick kiddies – or those who are just sick of this relentless drizzly rain if your weather is anything like ours in Hobart over the past week…

By the time it got to Thursday last week, she’d been the most sick I’ve seen her, which broke my heart. She quite often gets chesty, but this time around she has been quite listless and she’s normally such a lively sort, it just doesn’t sit well on her. Sadly, all I’ve been able to do is keep the panadol/ibuprofen up to her and keep her occupied when she wants to do things.

Thankfully Thursday morning though she was alot happier, but it was still not the nicest of weather and Little O was getting worse so it was another indoors day. I decided to surprise her with a little envelope in the ‘mail’…

I made up an envelope out of bright pink craft paper, covered it with star stickers, addressed it to her and popped a little package of googly eyes in it which I had picked up the other day – I knew she’d love them and we can have lots of fun creating some quirky looking masterpieces using them.

When I went out back to hang out some clothes, I snuck it into the letterbox and waited for the mailman to come by. Once he’d been past I went and got the mail – too cold to send her out and brought it in. She rarely gets mail, but whenever she does, she always thanks ME in the most incredulous way “oh, THANK you Mummy” as if I am personally preparing the mail for her – it cracks me up, and hey I’ll take the credit, this time it was true! I forgot to take a photo of it before I popped it in the letterbox, and true to form, she ripped it open, so no hope after then.

It excited her to no end and she loved peeling off all the stickers (I’m still finding them strewn across the loungeroom) and playing with her googly eyes.

I’m thinking our next project will be a similar idea, but this time with her help, drawing a picture and picking a little sheet of stickers for one of her friends. We’ll then take it on down to the postoffice so she can buy a stamp and mail it personally. What a surprise it will be for a sweet little someone special!

Please share with us, and others with sick kids (or just those with cabin-fever), some ideas to cheer them up over Winter – write a comment below and let us know!

Googly eyes


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