Bag Habits..

Ok. I have a baby bag and I hate it.  God knows why as I used it with Miss N and loved it, however I never really went many places when she was a bub so I guess I never really got to see how much of a pain it actually is – especially when running from one place to the next with both girls and all the associated stuff in tow.  I just need something smaller, simpler and easier to manage. Something that’s not about to slip off my shoulder all the time or make me dream about my masseuse every time I use it.   I also miss having a handbag.  Presently I’ve come to shoving my keys, wallet & phone into the nappy bag and then swearing when I can’t find the phone, the wallet gets stuck or I can’t get my hand in the side pocket for the keys.  I also miss all the other “stuff” I normally have in my handbag and consequently have to do without.

SO.  I have decided today that a new bag is in order.  The “big” nappy bag I’ll just leave in the car with the pram for when its really needed.  I have been searching today and have just purchased a fabulous nappy clutch/organiser thingy which can hold the everyday bits & pieces and will fit perfectly in whichever of my bigger handbags I want to use.  There was SO many to choose from and I was having a hard time tossing up between two different styles, however the cute stripey number from Little Baby Boutique came out the winner.  It had everything I wanted (small clutch for nappies/change of clothes, change mat, wipes box and wet bag) and its just cute as:)

Can’t wait for it to arrive!!!



  1. I actually used Danni’s baby bag for a while until I found the bag that I used for Miss E – it wasn’t bad at all Danni (a godsend for me in fact), I think just second time around we realise we don’t have to drag the kitchen sink around with us!
    I have a few different options…
    The first is my original nappy bag – its the biggest option and since I have the two kids to think of its quite handy, but even though its not a huge bag (a Babymel Amanda – love it!) I often find it can be too big for my needs now. But its great for if I am out and about the whole day with both kids and its the only one I have with insulated pockets for O’s bottles.

    Miss E has a little backpack, so I will quite often put a change of clothes (she’s in the midst of toilet training and has the occasional accident), her drink bottle and her snacks in the backpack. That leaves all Master O’s stuff.
    If we are out for a while, I will quite often take my regular bag (b.sirius messenger bag) which is smaller than the baby bag. I can fit a nappy clutch, change of clothes for O, bottle, dummy, wallet, phone, keys, a toy and a few bits and pieces for me in this.
    The other strategy is one of my nappy clutches for short trips – which fits a change mat, 3 nappies, wipes and hand sanitiser.
    FYI I love the nappy clutch you bought. If I didn’t have two already I would be buying one for sure… Might be a nice baby shower present for one of my friends though 🙂
    My big tip is – it doesn’t have to be a nappy/baby bag. My b.sirius bag has been fabulous. It is funky (has cute birdies on the front panel), wipes clean, has a few little pockets for bits and pieces and is not massive. It goes easily across my body for hands free carrying and it doesn’t ‘look’ like a nappy bag. I’ve just been looking through their site and fallen in love again – think I’ve found my birthday present!!

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