The Backyard Farmer

I just love the freshest of fresh fruit & veg and its all the more fabulous if its just come out of your own garden.  I don’t mind a potter round however I really only enjoy growing things I can eat…I’ve never been one for growing flowers.  Miss N enjoys a bit of a dig also and after a winter of pretty scarce pickings its time to clear out the beds and get everything ready for the spring.
The main problem I have is that we live in a rented property.  A property which has a distinct lack of usable garden space.  Our landlords are lovely people however I think even they would have issues if I started to rip up half the yard in order to create more.  Apart from a few mediocre beds here & there and several massive pots, I really only have one other small patch that gets good sun all year round, and that’s supposedly lawn (I say supposedly as the dog likes to dig there..).
The solution therefore is most probably a raised garden bed, something I have been wanting to do in the whole 2yrs we have lived here and recently I have been searching for a cheap and workable solution.  Most of the current ones I’ve found on the market are either ugly, too big, not the right material (treated pine – ugh!) or just too expensive.  Searching Bunnings today I came up with a ready-to-install corrugated iron number which should work a treat.  After much deliberation with Himself we decided upon the smallest one (I can always get more thinks me!!)  and I plan to have my main heat-needy veggies in this bed.  The few “built in” garden beds I can use for all those items that don’t need full sun (lettuce patch, beetroots etc) and the remaining big pots can be planted out with all the herbs and a citrus or two (ready for next winter harvest).  I currently have a Raspberry vine that I’m hoping will grow well and a selection of little pots with bits & pieces of “stuff”…several different types of herbs, chilli’s & strawberries.  Our front garden has mint and parsley and there is also a huge pot of Rosemary near my water tank which I just can’t kill.  I haven’t even looked at it for months and it’s growing so well I’m going to have to give it a good haircut very soon…….can anyone say Lamb Roast?!!

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