For want of a little coherency in the morning..

Ok.  Its 9:12am and I am in desperate need of sleep.  I feel like the walking dead (and probably look like it too, judging by the looks I got when dropping Miss N off at Pre-School earlier…).

The age gap between my girls is 4.5yrs and as such, I have forgotten a lot of the little things that makes a mother’s life miserable.   Thankfully both of my girls have been good sleepers (Miss N slept through the night from 6 weeks old, God Love Her!) However Wed night Miss Z decided to test me and prove that statement wrong.

She went down about 9:30pm, fairly easily considering (annoyingly difficult to settle this one) and slept well until 1am when she woke for a feed. I had only been in bed 2hrs by this stage and probably only asleep for 1.    That’s when it all started.  She fed well, went back down and then proceeded to give me the “I’m-in-pain-’cause-I-haven’t-burped-and-now-I-have-a-tummy-ache” cry.  So from then until approx 6:42am I was in and out of my warm snuggly bed, trying to burp her, pumping her legs, massaging her belly, giving her snuggles, changing her, rocking her in the chair, offering the dummy (which she hates), offering more food (which she didn’t want), dealing with her hiccups (which are so strong she actually inhales more air and then her tummy ache gets’s a vicious cycle) and generally trying everything I knew to expel those darned air bubbles so she would feel better and I could get some shuteye. I even tried the Infacol Wind Drops which were always a last resort with Miss N.  They took a while and were given so late (or should that be early??) in the morning I’ve no idea if they actually helped or if was just good timing (however I’m telling myself they did).

I finally got back into bed hearing only faint whimpers about 6:45am only to be awoken at 7:20am by Miss N.  Sigh.  So up again we get, breakfast, dressing, heading off to PreSchool.  I come home, decide its futile to even contemplate heading back to bed, so have a coffee and write this post instead.

I was reading somewhere the other day a woman trying to explain to her husband just how important sleep is to new mums.  “It’s more important than anything” she says.  “Oh come now” says hubby, “It can’t be more important than sex!”   LOL! Faced with those choices at this moment….I’m dammed sure I know which one I would be choosing!!!



  1. My night every night consist of 10pm feed 1am, 3am 5:30am then up at 6 with the toddler. it’s hell. Especially since the toddler (almost 2) it’s a massive ball of energy tting to drop his day sleep at the moment… I would choose sex over sleep, if I dont fall asleep first

    • I feel both your pain! Thankfully Master O is just doing one overnight feed now, sometimes he will wake another time and I just resettle him and he’s ok, but it always seems to be that Miss E wakes just as I sink into a half sleep after putting Master O down. Miss E at just over 2.5 lost her day sleep a couple of months ago when she moved into her big girl bed… How I miss those day sleeps!!

      Danni – Infacol was our saviour, in the first couple of months, but it only really worked if we gave to him at the beginning of the feed…
      It gets better!!

    • Well you certainly get my vote of admiration! I probably would fall asleep – certainly not a sexy look I’m sure!

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