Taking a step back while walking forward…

Yesterday I took the kids for a walk… well Little O got pushed along in his red chariot, but the Little Miss E walked beside. We needed to go to the shop to get some ingredients for the evening dinner (Slow Cooker Massaman Curry from Liss over at Frills in the Hills), so we headed up the hill in the general direction of the shops.

It was also our first outing with Little Miss E wearing big girl pants. Previously, I’d been wary of going out without a nappy or pull-up as she tends to get confused with undies and treat them as a nappy, but after some success at home it was time to take the next step and show I had confidence in her.

To be honest, I’m normally on a bit of a mission when I head to the shops. I normally have limited time, and I often pack up Miss E in the pram even though she doesn’t want to be in there as its easier for me. She can’t go grabbing things or running off in the shop. But I wanted this to be a relaxed trip, didn’t want anything stressing her out – keeping in mind the toilet situation.

So we walked slowly, at her pace. I let her stop and smell the flowers – literally. I pointed out Daphne (my favourite), Lavender and Daisies to her. She picked some. She gave some to Little O to ponder…

Flower for O

It was lovely – maybe even more so for me. I walked behind and let her do her thing rather than bringing to her attention things I thought she should see. She showed me birds, flowers and sticks. She jumped (or made big steps really) over cracks in the footpath.

Stepping over cracks

Peeked into bushes…


She got excited about the spring blossom coming out…


We got to the shops (eventually). I offered to take her to the bathroom, she was fine, she didn’t need to go. We looked slowly through a few shops, browsed and got the groceries. She loaded all the groceries from the basket onto the register conveyor. Aside from repeated attempts to grab fruit and vegies to munch on and a kinder surprise she did really well. We stopped for a sit-down afterwards while I organised the groceries in the pram, she had some yoghurt.

We headed home. At the top of the hill above our street, she said she needed to go to the toilet, so after assessing the nearby bushes, I asked her if she could hang on until we got home, she nodded and we sped up, skipped and ran a bit.

She waited until we got home and went on the toilet when we were home. I was so proud. She did well again, when we headed into my work and did the parent swap (I meet up with DH outside my work, swap the kids over and he takes them home). She stayed dry the whole time and went when they got home. Success!

Just a lovely, slow day and I need to do more of it. Just give her time to ponder, to be a little kid. So often I feel that we rush her along to fit into our schedule and it causes such unnecessary frustration. So from now on, I am going to try and make a conscious decision to slow things down where I can, and next time – when I’m not so concerned about her nappy-less status, we’ll even take the long route there and enjoy another wonder walk…

Today I’m off for my second post-baby visit to the gym and she’ll be in the child care area there. Fingers crossed for another dry experience!


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