Favourite products for baby

Today we share our ‘can’t do without’ consumable products that we’ve used with our babies…


Ecostore sleepytime bath – available from Woollies and specialty stores (I suggest Woollies as I’ve seen it for over $12 at our local chemist), this product is most definitely not the cheapest out there – around the high $6.00 mark at Woollies on special, but I grab it whenever it comes up on special and it lasts so well, we are never without. This is gentle, yet smells absolutely divine (scented with lavender and eucalyptus) – you only need the tiniest amount – and I admit, I am forever stealing it for my own baths! I love their products, we also use their washing powder for the kids clothes too as its so gentle…

Pawpaw Balm– I use this on everything, bottoms, dry skin, bites – I keep an extra in my bag as lip balm…

Curash Fragrance Free wipes if I have no Aldi wipes these are my next favourite. Strong but thin, and with the perfect amount of moisture. My tip – check out your local Big W store – they often sell bulk boxes of these – 10 packs to a box for only $28.98 – makes them brilliant value). I have one of the travel wipes packs and a normal plastic wipes box from another brand which I just decant these into for ease of use.


Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Bath – I have used this with both my girls and love it.  The bulk pump pack lasts forever.  I only ever used one bottle with Miss N and it lasted years.

Vicks Baby Balsam – A little rubbed on the chest after a warm bath and before bed can mean the difference between a good sleep and no sleep (at least it did for us! Works a treat when used alongside bedtime bath!) Just don’t leave it where cheeky monkeys who don’t want to go to sleep can get to it – see I’m changing her name to Mischief ~ Mel ~

Brauer Children’s Cold & Flu Relief – Brauer are leaders in natural medicines and this stuff is awesome!!!  It takes a few doses per day however it works really well at keeping colds and flu at bay.  I LOVE natural medicines and this one is TOPS.

We both love:
Space Bubbles bubble bath – this stuff is dirt cheap $2 for a big bottle. It has a really subtle chamomile fragrance and it’s gentle on the skin but makes lots of bubbles. I actually team it up with the Sleepytime Bath for yummy smell and bubble combo ~Mel~

QV Oil Bath – Can be used as a bath/shower gel or as a soap replacement.  It’s great for sensitive skin and also helped keep Little O’s cradle cap at bay…

Aldi Fragrance Free baby wipes – these are heaps cheaper than any of the major brands and are fab! (whenever I do a trip to the mainland now, a stop at Aldi is a must and I bring back as many as I can fit in my bags ~Mel~)


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