Bringing Back Sunday Lunch

Do you remember a time when people still had lunch?  I mean proper lunch, not just “I picked up some crackers and cheese on the run” type lunch. Lunch that took time, lunch that included (god help us) conversation.   I must admit I am starting to think that the whole institution is being made a mockery of.   We are so busy all the time what with husbands and children and work and friends (and if you are one of the lucky few – time for yourself) that the idea of sitting down to a leisurely spread with good wines and amusing anecdotes can seem a guilty pleasure.

I have some friends who are Jewish, and every Friday evening they celebrate with their families over a fabulous spread (religious aspect aside).  All the members of the family, no matter what they do for the rest of the week, make it a point to rock up for Friday dinner.   This is the idea I want for my family.  Taking time to sit down, eat, gossip and enjoy each others company, friends and family more than welcome – the more the merrier!! I love to cook for a crowd.

I presently make it point to try & have dinner together however this is not always possible in our house what with a shift working hubby and small children who tend to go feral (like all must do) when it comes to arsenic hour.  When I was a teenager a bunch of us would always gather at one particular friends’ house Tuesday evenings to watch Friends (yes, I know).  Mrs L would always, no matter how many of us there were and plenty of times there were 6 or more, make her magic dinner pot swell (just like Strega Nonna) so that all of us would be fed.  Looking back I have no idea how she managed to do this, what with 5 girls and a husband to feed in the first place.   I shudder to think what we did to her grocery bill!

Getting really technical for a moment, it is actually better for you to have a long lunch.  Having the nice big meal in the middle of the day ensures plenty of time for your food to go down before you hit the sack (and a I’m sure a few glasses of plonk would help too!).  I used to have Sunday Lunch….back before children came along, when I had Saturdays free, a brand new mortgage my only major bill and therefore lots of available cash to spend on things like grain-fed quails and $50 bottles of wine.  Ahh how times change!

I’m now on a mission to bring back the humble Sunday Lunch.  Be it a simple roast chicken, a beef wellington and with all the trimmings that took you half of Saturday or even those (delectable) grain-fed quail with tarragon cream sauce, the time is now. Everybody with me please say Aye!



  1. Couldn’t agree more! One of my new year’s resolutions for 2011 was to ensure we had a quarterly family bbq lunch. I’m pleased to report that we’ve had two so far which have been absolutely great, and will probably have a third, leaving the fourth as the christmas get together.

    • Nice going Leigh! Glad to hear you are blazing ahead! As for me…I have got as far as purchasing a lovely leg of pork and putting it in the freezer! My Hubby is working for the next few sundays so we will have to wait…

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