Monthly app review (kid’s apps)

Hands up those who have an iPhone or and iPad and also have a child who seems to be able to navigate it better than you do? Miss E was able to use the iPhone confidently before she was even two. I still don’t know if this was a good or bad thing, but suffice to say it’s brilliant to fall back on when we are out and about and she is getting a bit cranky, or I need ten minutes to get something done. She has her own folders on my iPhone with apps suitable for her and generally she sticks to those or the camera (she does also seem to like my ‘chirp, chirp’ and ‘diner dash’ games as well as the white noise app that I use). I do put it onto airport mode though before she uses it so at least if she hits a link she can’t access the internet.

DH also has an iPad and Miss E – predictably – loves that too, and she is known to plonk herself on the couch next to him, press the button to end the app he is using; lean over and scroll through to her folders and select an app; and whilst he is still in shock, slide the iPad over onto her lap. Crafty Miss! (~M~)

Since Miss E and Miss N both love playing on our Apple ‘toys’, we thought we’d regularly share some of our favourite apps. This month, its paid kid’s apps. Since there are also many good free apps out there we thought we would do a feature on each, so keep an eye out later for a free app review…

Miss E and Mel’s picks – keeping in mind Miss E is 2.5 (32 months to be precise).

The very first paid app I purchased for Miss E was Duck Duck Moose’s Wheels on the Bus app – $0.99. We loved the interactivity of this app – lots of things to press and slide; you can choose the instruments that play the music; the language the song is sung in; and can even record yourself singing (this is not a good feature with my voice). Its a great favourite, as are ALL of the Duck Duck Moose apps – they are so well thought out and great value too, we have them all. All of their apps except for Baa Baa Black Sheep are also available in HD for iPad.

Interactive Alphabet – $2.99 – (universal app for iPhone/iPad) – this is a big app at 93.1mb so we only have it on the iPad, but it is by far the best alphabet app we have come across. It is Miss E’s favourite app on the iPad, and its beautiful. It has a single letter to a page, each with an interactive feature. You can have the pages auto-advance for the younger kiddies, or swipe to move on, and it reads out the words, letters and the actual phonic sound of the letter.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Storybook Piano – $1.99 – as I have mentioned before, Miss E LOVES her nursery rhymes and in particular Twinkle, Twinkle. I really like this app, its a little keyboard that plays Twinkle Twinkle and also highlights the keys on the keyboard to show them what the notes are. Miss E is yet to actually follow the notes along, but loves playing on the keyboard anyway and selecting all the different instruments to use.

Paint my wings – $0.99 – This one features different butterflies whose wings you can colour in – the butterflies name each colour as it is used and you can tickle them too.  As a colour is applied to one wing it automatically mirrors it on the other side (so it looks pretty)! They can also save snapshots of their butterflies to your camera roll, and I am often finding pictures like this in my album:

Paint My Wings

Danni and Miss N (almost 4 years old)

Dress Up & Make Up Red Carpet – $1.99 (Miss N calles this “The Barbie Game”). Several models to choose from and plenty of outfits & acessories to dress them up in.

Fairy Me (The Fairies) – $0.99 – If your little one loves the fairies on TV this game is great. Use the camera on the phone to take a photo of yourself and then put your face into one of the fairy characters.

The Going To Bed Book  – $1.99  – great for keeping Miss N occupied in bed if I have to attend to the baby.  You can choose to have the “big man” read the story to you or read it yourself.  Each word is highlighted as spoken and you can touch the word/sentence to have it repeated back to you.  The characters are animated and you can touch a point on each page to have the animation start.



  1. Very informative list, thanks! If it’s an app for very young kids then I recommend my own app Titchy Farm. My 4 month old LOVES the animals and the sounds and loves to whack the screen to pop the balloons and he’s getting better and better with his coordination every time we play with it!

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