Books, books, books…

We love books in this house. There are books everywhere and I can’t wait until we eventually move into our brand new house and I can organize them properly (in colour order – how sad am I?). In the meantime, there are books on my bedside table for quiet snuggly one-on-one times with Miss E (a strategy I use when things have been a bit full-on with Little O and I haven’t had much E-time). There are also books piling up all over the house – the bottom shelf of the hallway bookcase (in a misguided effort to stop her pulling all the other non-kids books out); on a low corner shelf of the lounge room wall unit next to Miss E’s play corner; as well as some in Miss E’s room next to her nighttime story chair; and also on one step of her Ikea Trofast storage system (it’s the bottom shelf which means that they invariably end up falling like dominos into the bin). Not to mention a couple more boxes in storage until we move into the new house. So yes, we love books. My thought is, if they are everywhere it will encourage her (and eventually Little Master O) to pick them up often, even if just to look at the pictures. I’m a book nerd and I really hope to pass on this trait to both Miss E and Little O.

I’m heading back to work a few nights a week starting this week and the thing I am most excited about going back to work for (aside from my fab workmates), is the books that are sold for fundraising for the social club. I’ve got heaps of cookbooks and kids books through it and I know that if I get there a bit early before work on Tuesday I’ll be heading straight to the book table!

We love rhyming books, so both Dr Seuss (One Fish, Two Fish is the current favourite) and the Hairy Maclary series (especially Shoo!) rate highly on our story-time rotation. I love the challenge of reading through the tongue twisting paragraphs quickly and apparently rhyming books are great for children’s language development.

We also love pretty much anything by Pamela Allen. I can’t wait for our next trip to Sydney so we can retrace the steps from Alexander’s Outing with Miss E as it is her absolute favourite book at the moment. All the noises and actions in her books really engage her. But I thought I would share some of the less well-known books that we love in the hopes that we introduce them to other families who might grow to love them too.

So to start with (surprise, surprise) a rhyming book…

Rainbow Rob

It’s called Rainbow Rob (Roger Priddy), and it’s about a penguin who decides he doesn’t want to be black and white anymore. A great introduction to colours, with each different page showing a new colour and animal with different textures to touch and feel.

M is for Metal

I actually came across M is for Metal (Paul McNeill and Barry Divola) when I was working in a music shop in Sydney and they borrowed instruments from us for the launch of the book (including the Hello Kitty guitar that I coveted!). It’s a rhyming A-Z book with gems such as “K is for Kiss with makeup that runs, Gene is the one with the longest of tongues…” It cracks me up. The also have a Country version and a Punk version – available from their Love Police online store.

Billy the Punk book

Billy the Punk (by Jessica Caroll). This book seriously cracks me up, I think I enjoy it more than E! It’s about an impressionable boy called Billy who comes across a group of punks one day and is impressed with their individual style. He decides to dress like them, each day escalating his outfit choices, and getting into more trouble with his school teacher for his choice of uniform. The twist at the end is hilarious – suffice to say he comes across some bagpipers…

house inside my Mummy book

The last book I’m sharing today is called There’s a HOUSE inside my Mummy (Written by Giles Andreae and Vanessa Cabban). This book was lent to us by a friend who had recently had her second child and it was fantastic for helping Miss E to prepare and understand a little about my pregnancy. Worth its weight in gold! Some of the lines are classic – I love: “Sometimes me and mummy like to cuddle on our own, And I tell him that I love him through her tummy telephone.” Adorable.

As an aside, I read a Babyology post the other day on using Ikea Bevkam spice racks as book storage – as shown in their post here. I think it looks awesome – and really, at $2.49 each, even if you want to paint it or change the look in some way its still an out-and-out bargain. I am going to try and buy some of these on my next mainland trip for the kids’ rooms when the house is finished.



  1. I’ve been after the M is for Metal album for ages! Cait loves rock and roll and heavy metal. Will have to get a copy of the book in the meantime.

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