Rewards Tree

For weeks I have been wanting to create a rewards chart for Miss N.  I didn’t like any I found online or in the shops so I decided to let my creative side loose and make my own.

This rewards chart is really easy to make and I’m sure will work well for us, as several other hastily scribbled versions have done in the past.   If you are planning to introduce one around your place, there are a few things I would suggest:

  1. Don’t make it too hard.  I have numbers 1 through 10, as for our 4yr old this is the perfect number – enough to make her strive for something and small enough for it to be easily achievable in a short-ish space of time (if you have smaller kids I suggest a lower number, and vis-versa);
  2. Agree on a prize beforehand.  It could be anything from a day out somewhere special to a new book or toy.  I have found in the past that little things like chocolates and other treats don’t really have the same effect for adherance (at least not at our place!);
  3. Explain the rules clearly and stick to them.  Our rules are very simple – for good behaviour or good deeds (done without having to be asked) a flower is stuck on the tree.  For bad behavior and not doing what one is told, then a flower is removed from the tree.  Once all the numbers have been covered with a flower (1 – 10) then the prize is achieved, all flowers removed and the process can start again.

To create this chart all I did was:

  • Find a groovy background online (I just used a clip art image but if your arty and can draw one then go for it) and print it out on regular paper;
  • I then stuck this image to a few sheets of scrapbook card in corresponding colours to create a border effect;
  • Next I wrote on the chart name and numbers 1 – 10 (which may be hard to see in the picture as it was done in silver ink) in ascending order heading up through the tree branches;
  • Finally I covered the whole thing in clear contact.  I like doing this with kids stuff as it lasts a lot longer and ensures that things can be re-useable for a long time without getting completely dog-eared.  It also means that the flowers can be easily stuck/unstuck to the chart with blu-tack.

So far Miss N has 5 flowers on the tree. This has taken about 2 weeks (the first week she gained and lost 4) however since she is just getting used to the concept I think she has done pretty well.   I’ll keep you updated on how long it takes to get to number 10….the glitter for her craft box we agreed on is definitely going to be well earned!!!

I would be really interested to hear if anyone has used/liked/disliked this form of positive reinforcement for their kids.  Please let us all know how you manage to keep your kids on the straight & narrow!!!



  1. Puts my terrible paper chart written in crayon that is on the back of the kitchen door to complete and utter shame.
    Ours actually works quite well for Miss E, we have different categories for things which were causing issues or we just needed to focus on eg. Pack up Toys; use toilet/potty; being a good helper; ride in supermarket trolley or pram etc. At first when she got 5 in each category she got a small treat – hair clip, toy car. Once she was smashing that, we moved it to 10, but to be honest she is happy enough with the stickers!
    I like the simplicity of yours – do something good, get a flower, naughty one comes off. A simpler concept for then to deal with…
    Since Miss E keeps rearranging her stickers anyway and I have lost track of how many she has against each category, I think this will work much better…

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