I’m changing her name to Mischief…

Funny how kids seem to know when you have that moment of thought – you know the one – it’s the one where you sink down and finally relax and you think “Ahhh yes, everything is going really well…”

I put Miss E to bed tonight. I read her only one story as she was very tired and she seemed like she was pretty comfy and set for the night…

I then got Little O sorted, popped him down too, and the night was looking good! He was still awake but tired and he looked like he was going to drop off soon. So sat and chatted with DH for a bit before I heard Little O start crying and went in to resettle him. I saw that Miss E’s room was dark when I went past, so figured she was asleep and I was thinking to myself as I settled Little O, how awesome it was that she now goes to bed without complaints after a week or so of getting up out of bed once we moved her to a big girls bed. Then from the silence, I  heard her call out – ‘Mummy – poo!!’ I figured she had dirtied her nappy, so went into her room – only to find her covered top to toe in Vicks Baby Balsam.

I had put some on her when she went to bed and meant to take it out with me like I normally do, but after reading her a story, completely forgot. There was half a tub left and she had taken it all out… It was all through her hair even… I wiped as much as I could out, but even then it still looked like a bad 1980’s rock chick hair do…

Gave her a bath  and washed her hair… it still feels gross… maybe I should give her a buzz cut! Certainly a new use for baby balsam. Suffice to say she is sleeping as soundly as a baby now!…

PS. Don’t even get me started on what happened when she decided to to do the washing up this morning without me realising…



  1. dannijh says:

    Love It! Miss N did a similar thing with a permanent black marker when she was about 2…gave herself a tattoo sleeve. Its how we figured out she was right handed:)

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