Fresh (weather), Fresh (food), Fresh (inspiration)…

I love our local Farmer’s market.

After living in Sydney for nine years, and being spoilt for choice with fresh food options, I really missed the interaction with growers and just being able to have such variety of choice of fresh fruit and veg when I moved back to Tassie. Ridiculous really – Tassie with its fresh, clean, green image and rural areas so close to the major city, but Hobart did not have a Farmer’s market. We would go out to one in the Coal River Valley, which was a nice Sunday drive, but I missed the convenience of something more local and held more often.

When I heard about the Tas Farm Gate Market starting, I was beside myself… I counted down the weeks and finally went to the first one when it happened. There weren’t many stalls at that stage, but the potential was there. True to its potential, it has grown. It’s seasonal, affordable and so fresh (produce is picked the night before). I just love it. Miss E loves it too, its a real family affair, with Easter egg hunts, Santa wandering around at Christmas, and the lovely apple stall man who gives E an apple to munch on as we look around.

Hmong veg stall

There is plenty of seasonal produce, as well as some regular stalls (cupcakes, pasta, breads, cheese etc.). For those of you that loved the Gourmet Farmer series on SBS as much as I did, Matthew Evans and his business partner Ross O’Meara sell their Rare Foods products there alongside Nick Haddow’s Bruny Island cheese products. The other week they were filming for the new series there (starts back on SBS in September). I love that it brings all walks of life there, but also get a little excited when I see Jack Lark (Junior Masterchef – he had to be my favourite, he was the only Tasmanian!) or Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes) shopping for the fruit and veg alongside me… Yes, I know I’m tragic…

Sadly though, since Little O has come along – and while DH has been busy on the weekends clearing our block for the builders – its been difficult to get out for a market visit. I’m normally with the kids by myself on Sunday mornings, and its something about Sundays which means I am just unable to get out the door any earlier than 11 at best. So quite often we get there very late (so a fair bit of produce is sold out), or we just don’t get there at all.

DH was away in Melbourne for the weekend, so yesterday I organised myself, bundled up E and O in many layers of clothing and managed to get out the door at 10:30 (after a false start – got Little O all the way to the carseat where he managed a spectacular projectile spew). After a quick costume change we headed off. It was a VERY fresh, cool morning. Plenty of snow on the mountain, but it was a clear and beautiful Winter’s morning and I was determined to get out of the house.

Hatted heads a chilly day

I think the farmers decided to stay at home today as there wasn’t as many stalls as there normally are (icy roads in some parts so probably not safe to drive early in the morning), but I did stock up on an olive and herb loaf; coriander; baby carrots (which E ate a good third of as we walked around); some apples as well as pears which I am going to puree and freeze into cubes in preparation for O’s immenent start on solids.

Also bought a croissant to eat there (I didn’t have breakfast beforehand); a vanilla and chocolate cannoli (shared with E) and my regular pumpkin and haloumi burger (delish – I did mention I hadn’t had breakfast right?). Miss E loves the sushi stall – fresh sushi made to order, but they weren’t there today, but there is also yummy soup to eat there or in take home packs. So plenty of food and coffee and other hot drinks (sometimes a warm spiced apple drink stall) to fuel you as you have a lesiurely wander around.

Once back home (after visiting a flea market and Nanna too), all inspired by fresh yummies, the plan was to grab some rhubarb from the backyard. It’s prolific at the moment (time to make another batch of rhubarb champagne) as I wanted to bake up some rhubarb and raspberry muffins to freeze for snacks, but things got busy and dinner beckoned, so that’s for another post! But in the meantime if you have any rhubarb recipes you want to share, please link or add them in a comment below…



  1. I am yet to cook of bake with rhubarb. So I’m keen on that muffin recipe of yours!

    • Hi Joni,
      I might pop it up earlier than the next link-up then, since its in season here at the moment. I love baking with rhubarb!

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