Getting Organised for PreSchool

I have been a “Stay at Home Mum” for almost a year now and I must admit that its just as difficult as working Full Time away from home.  Different sorts of challenges, but nerve damaging all the same:)

For instance, last week Miss 4 was supposedly going through her morning routine (Teeth, Dressing, Hair, Make Bed) when she comes out to see me (unbeknownst to her, obviously) covered from head to foot in Talcum Powder.  As if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth!!  The ENTIRE bathroom, hallway, toilet, and even storage baskets inside the bathroom cabinets were covered in powder.   I was strangely calm as I explained why that was NOT a good idea, set a punishment and made her assist in the clean up of said bomb site. The only upside is that now my bathroom smells delightful:)

It’s times like these that I get the guilts and think again that maybe I should be enrolling her in PreSchool for the remainder of the year.  Big School starts next year (and not a moment too soon either) and I’m sure some of the issues we face daily would be somewhat eased by 2 days a week away from mummy and the availability of more age-appropriate social interaction.    So I’ve bit the bullet and booked in starting Term 3.

This means, of course that I need to start getting myself, herself and the freezer organised.  I HATE last minute rushing and live for the convenience of having everything ready the night before.  SO…Backpack? Check! New groovy insulated lunch-box? Check! Sunscreen attached to bag? Check!    My cooking mojo has dropped off somewhat in the last few weeks however i can feel it coming back with a vengance…I do love a project!

So..what to cook?    There are 10 weeks in Term 3. Times by 2 days a week that’s 20 morning teas & 20 lunches to organise. I do like to make things like sandwiches/wraps/sushi rolls fresh, however the 20 morning teas’ can be easily pre-done and stored in the freezer.  Pulled out the night before they defrost in the fridge and are ready to eat the next day.  I find the re-sealable plastic bags really useful for this type of thing (see pictures below).  They can also be washed and re-used which is nice.  I have 1 baked item in each bag and when I pull it out of the freezer I can add in a handful of fruits (strawberries and grapes are favourites here) and we are ready to go.   Today’s haul includes Blueberry & Lemon Muffins and Tomato, Basil, Bacon & Pineapple scrolls..YUM!



  1. Yum! I’m also a big fan of the bake and freeze, normally have at least two treats on the go in the freezer. My last haul was chicken rolls (pastry ones like sausage rolls), rhubarb and raspberry muffins (the rhubarb patch in the back garden is prolific!) and brownies.
    We are down to a couple of muffins so it’s time for another freezer bake-up and you’ve inspired me Danni!
    Have you seen the reusable snack bags that you can buy (from etsy, madeit and the like) ? They look pretty good, think I will order sone and see how they go. We also reuse our ziplock bags but it’s a pain getting them 100% dry.

  2. Love the layout, girls: great job!

    • Thanks 🙂 we are still tweaking, but its getting there. Lots of fun and a good excuse for lots more chats and emails back and forwards with each other. Not to mention just fun to be writing, and getting feedback. Thanks for reading and following us ❤ Mel

  3. Yum!!

    I’m having a big bake up tomorrow ready for my big two to go back to school Monday. Cheese and corn mini muffins, biscuits and cinnamon scrolls on the cards here 😉

    I’m doing a menu/recipe linky on Monday if you wanted to share a recipe? Doesn’t have to be a new post or a specific type or anything… I’ve done a couple now though and it’s great to have so many new ideas in one place 🙂

    • Thanks so much Kate, we’ll be in on the link-up for sure 🙂
      Oooh Miss E would love the mini muffins – two of her favourite things, cheese and corn!

  4. OK. First Day of pre School for Miss N today and everything went swimmingly.

    She had been given a blueberry and lemon muffin and strawberries for morning tea, and the teachers told himself “please no muffin tomorrow – it has sugar in it”. They have a policy at this centre of no packaged/pre-prepared foods, no nut/nut products and no junk food, all of which is totally fine with me….but this is a FRUIT MUFFIN!!! It has maybe 4 tablespoons of sugar in the entire mixture (which made 24 pieces) its a muffin for christsake not a cupcake!!! I fail to see how a homemade fruit muffin fits into any of these categories….please someone!!!! Tell me I’m not just being overly sensitive!!!!!

    • Glad she did well Danni… I am completely with you… for goodness sakes! DH says to just send her with water next time… geez everything pretty much has sugar in it! fair enough if it was a chocolate muffin, but a fruit muffin?

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