Designer Kids

Right. So hands up all those mums out there who are sick of boring kids clothes? Yep! That’s the two of us included. Now, whilst there is nothing wrong with fabulous hand me downs or basic bits & pieces for everyday, play days or pre-school – its nice to know there are plenty of little businesses out there who cater for kids (and mums!) who love funky, original outfits.

Designer Kids Wear does NOT have to be expensive.  These days even prices in your run of the mill kids stores like Pumpkin Patch & Myer are creeping up to silly levels, and wouldn’t you rather have a one-off or limited run outfit for the same price or less rather than the same old thing every second kid at the park is wearing?  We would! That being the case we thought we’d share a couple of fresh & funky places we think will be worth your while checking out…

Georgia’s Closet

A fantastic little business situated in North-West Sydney.  Vanessa makes the most gorgeous outfits for both boys and girls, and her little girls party dresses and jackets are to die for!!    She can post items anywhere in the country (or even overseas).  My favorites at present you can see below – I’m hanging out for the next markets to pick up some of these for my girls! ~ D

Bebejane Designs

Sarah makes beautiful little boys and girls clothes. I could spend a LOT of money ordering from her!

I ordered a pair of boys chocolate cowboy cord pants (pictured above) from her, and I can vouch for the quality of the clothing. Just adorable. I purchased it in a larger size as I have a fair bit of smaller clothing for Master O, but I really wish they fit him now! In fact, I’ll be back for a dress for Miss E, and Master O might get another little something too…

For those of you that would like to order anything soon, head over to Sarah’s Facebook page and have a look as she will be closing custom orders in about a fortnight in preparation for her new arrival due in October. A big congratulations to Sarah from the Honey, you baked team ~ M ~



  1. FYI: July 19 is the last day for orders from Bebejane Designs before Sarah takes some well-deserved time off, so check out her site right now!

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