The beginning of our new life

Happy New Financial Year! That’s kind of boring, but all the same I am super excited about this date as it’s the first official day of work on our block for the builders.
We got an official looking letter a few weeks ago with start and completion date. Total excitement at seeing 1st of July start date, but will admit I cried at seeing February 2012 for completion. Yes, DH and I had gotten all confused and had thought that the builders had a specific amount of time to finish from when we signed our contracts, but no, it was from completion of works. Of course. That’s logical…
So I’d had grand plans for a combined house-warming and third birthday party for Miss E in November. Not to mention a big New Years Eve party, with lots of friends staying over or camping on the block. Guess we can still do the camping…
So, birthday party plans are out the window. Christmas – unlikely. New Years Eve – maybe? It’s looking like a Hottest 100 Australia Day Party, hmmm… That’s not so bad. A bit retro – Slip’n’Slide, wading pools, banana lounges, a spot of backyard cricket. I’m liking this, making me feel much better!
Maybe, just maybe, DH would have finished our planned wood fired pizza oven and we can cook up yummy pizzas and roasts for everyone. Get to work builders!

I did a drive-by on our way back from Mother’s Group. I was interested to see if any work was being done. I half expected to see an empty block, but no – absolute excitement – a digger (Miss E was most impressed) was excavating the house site, there were (mini) motocross-worthy piles of dirt and roadbase was down on beginning of driveway. Its real, this is OUR house!

Happy Days!


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